It’s a love affair that began in his grandfather’s workshop. When Adam Colangelo first experimented with scraps of copper during his formative years, he had no way of knowing that the medium would deeply impact his life. In the years since, Colangelo has found promise in this extremely versatile medium.

Adrienne Dagg deploys representational, figurative narratives to capture individuals and groups in explicitly public contexts. Her interest is in the dynamic energy of the urban sphere, a space where worlds collide.

I'm a Toronto artist working in oil on canvas. My paintings are in collections in Canada and around the world. Like a number of notable Canadian artists (including the Group of Seven) I spent part of my career as an illustrator and graphic designer, but I have been a painter for most of my life.


The Fragility of Nature and its extension of nature in the world of technology is at the centre of my work. There has been a lot of press about scientific studies about nature but only now do we have proof the “nature is disappearing before our very eyes”.

Based in Toronto, ON and a graduate of OCAD U with a major in Drawing & Painting and a minor in Material Art & Design in Fibre. Her first solo exhibition at Gallery 129 Ossington consisted of sewing machine punctured drawings mounted on homemade light boxes. With no thread being installed in the machine, the imagery is created with thousands of tiny holes.

I was born in the revolutionary Havana of 1982 into what was perceived as a prosperous and just society, which soon after the Berlin wall fell and the Soviet Union collapsed, turned into a desperate and fierce version of itself that is still struggling to survive. I grew up in that context, with dualism, and a surreal’ lifestyle. My vision and Art reflects such formation.

Aleksandar Antonijevic (b. 1969) is an award winning Canadian fine art photographer, born in Pozarevac, former Yugoslavia.
He extended his love of dancing from the stage to the camera, implementing the same principles of form and space into his passion behind the lens. Mr Antonijevic deals primarily with the form of the human body and portraiture.

My work is intuitive with an aesthetic sensibility that is entirely my own. I use no visual aids in my creative process. Instead, my method draws on my personal insight of life from a deeper place where the image takes shape through inner guidance.

What takes shape is a series of contrasting themes from force to subtlety and softness; conflict and peace; harmony and disorder.

Alex Anagnostou is a Toronto based Glass Sculptor who creates works of art inspired by the history of the glass lens and how it has enabled us to see and experience the world differently.

Alexander Koltakov is a Toronto-based artist. Most of his works are canvas paintings, but also his favorites are plaster on wood reliefs or the 3-dimensional paintings, as he calls them. On canvases he work with brushes, palette knifes and finger touch when needed. He works mostly in impressionist's style, occasionally has some realistic works.

Alexey Klokov is an internationally recognized artist with 25 years of professional experience. He has exhibited in Europe, Japan, UK and North America. His paintings are widely presented in private and corporative collections all over the world.

Alfred Lam is a Toronto based artist with a passion for abstracts and the human form. His work is vibrant, energetic, and highly charged.
Born in Hong Kong, China

Lives & works in Toronto, Ontario, CA

Sine Arte Sine Amore Non Est Vita
Without Art Wtihout Love There is no Life

Allan O’Marra is a graduate of OCAD University in Toronto, a multi-award-winning artist, art teacher, transpersonal psychotherapist, self-published writer, fine arts columnist and art exhibition jurist.

He has had 38 solo fine art exhibitions and participated in over 100 group shows in a 46-year career. And has works of art in numerous private and corporate collections.


Driven, meticulous and fascinated by textures, Arlette Ngung is known for her exceptional eye for construction details.
Arlette's passion for fabrics, fit and colours enables her to create three dimensional viable design.


Lai, Amey. b. Toronto, Canada. Amey has always been an artist. From painting classes at a tender age, her distinctive artistry has always defined who she is. Graduating with a BA in Design from The Ontario College of Art and Design, her career in design has taken her from New York to L.A. and back to Toronto.

Anahita Azrahimi is a visual artist, performing arts consultant based in Toronto, Canada.

Resident Artist for Canada's national stock exchange - NEO Exchange. Educated as a Geophysicist, Anand decided to follow his passion for art full-time in 2014. Anand works out of his studio in downtown Toronto - close to TIFF and OCAD University.

Anastessia Bettas is a Toronto based artist whose abstract work examines landscapes and cartography.
Bettas has exhibited her work in commercial and public galleries in Canada and the USA winning numerous accolades. Her “District” painting is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Encaustic Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


The beauty of marine life has always captured and profoundly moved me, scientifically and as an artist.
It is this wonder which I strive to capture in my work by integrating and adapting the varied facets of colour and material. I create images, colours and reflections of the undersea world as I experience it, but still allow my work to be full of fantasy and imagination.

Andrew Aviste grew up in a small town in Northern New York called Black River. When he wasn't drawing, Andrew would spend most of his time outdoors. This upbringing gave him an appreciation for the natural world which he brought with him to the GTA when he moved to Canada. Plein air painting especially attracts him because of the fresh air and peacefulness that it brings him.


Originally from Australia, Andrew is now based in Toronto, Canada. Prior to taking up painting fulltime he was involved in the animation industry. A lot of current work explores mid century modern nostalgia by creating typographical landscapes often in the form of vintage neon signs.

I'm an artist/designer currently residing in Toronto. My primary medium is watercolour, ink, pencil, mixed media. Occasionally I make furniture and art installations inspired primarily by urban conditions, reusing old materials, and nature.

Andrés Silvera is a contemporary mixed media artist, self-taught in an array of mediums, with a strong focus on colorful surreal portraits and monochrome portraiture in Industrial enamel and charcoal.

Ann Canal Boscariol is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD). She has worked as an interior designer accredited as a member of ARIDO (Association of Registered Interior Designers of Canada) for the last 25 years.

There is but one energy in our Universe.

It manifests in us and around us as five fundamental powers.

These powers are:


Anna Clarey paints large joyful acrylic canvases that are characterized by her use of vibrant colour and dramatic lights and darks. She favours acrylics because they are bold and fast drying, allowing her to work quickly and spontaneously, using layers to highlight the contrasts of sunlight and shadow.

Originally from Belgium, Anne Maizia is now a Toronto based figurative painter. She studied mainly at the Art Students League of New York City where she spent many years and at the Glassell School of Art in Houston. Her art is essentially inspired from photographs, pictures from magazines and life models. She explores abstraction in her textured backgrounds using acrylics, mixed media.

Always exploring themes of environment, Anne-Marie’s recent paintings are inspired by the wonder that is Lake Ontario and the urban landscapes along it’s shores. These abstracted lakescapes explore ideas of boundary and play with the reality of sky, water and ground.

Born in Toronto and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, Apanaki Temitayo M is an author, actor, multimedia artist and teacher. Her canvas compositions are an expression of her Trinidadian heritage and spirituality. It was showcased the Workman Arts Being Scene 12th Annual Juried Exhibition 2012 at Hart House, University of Toronto, Gladstone Hotel and The Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival.

A graduate from the University of Toronto with a specialist degree in Visual Culture and Communication, Ariane has had a long-time obsession with the visual world; how colour, shape, content, design, photography, art, fashion, nature and advertising affect our human condition.

Gaya Kairos is an artist who lives and works in Toronto, Canada. Gaya obtained her BA in liberal arts from University of Moscow and upon immigrating to Canada on her own in her early 20’s took training as professional make-up artist at Sheridan College.


As a artist of 18 years Aubrey Swyer has over the last year or so have been searching for his true medium in which to create and a style in which to tell his story
This is how Aubrey Swyer found the love of Encaustic
Aubrey has started a series from photos of places he visited while being back in his hometown of St George's Newfoundland this past summer.

"Her paintings speak the words she cannot utter"


Mixed Media and found object sculpture:

The forgotten of this world are my inspiration. For me, the process of creating emerges from a reverence for all animate and inanimate beings, especially for society’s misfits and rejects. I practice visual democracy: I believe that everything has a place and a purpose, and my works create a home for items that have lost their way.


Barb Greene Mann is a Toronto based artist telling stories about the world today. She has often used the analogy of having to fight the world's battles with her paintbrush in hand. Several years ago, less than 10, her paintings mysteriously transformed into narrative paintings. She is often troubled about the world's planetary strife and her work attacks many themes.

Barbara Rehus is a visual artist working primarily as a mixed-media sculptor and painter, with her art practice largely based in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Rehus holds accreditation from Toronto School of Art, as well as two undergraduate degrees from Cleveland State University. Until 2016 she was a long time member of Loop Gallery, a Toronto artists’ collective.


Bardia Khosravi is a Generative Artist who creates his unique pieces by using algorithms, and generative software processes. Inspired by evolution in nature, Bardia employs evolutionary operations such as crossover and mutation to implement evolutionary design in his artwork.

BARKAS is a creative team comprised of Ann Bartok and Olena Kassian that uses re-purposed materials to make sculpture. Each of us has emerged from a long and successful individual art practice; together we have discovered a new way to combine old components, and our contrasting backgrounds find common ground in the manipulation of various mediums resulting in unique sculptural forms.

I am a photographer, who is fortunate to have travelled to many places in the world. Photography is my art, and my passion. I look for the usual in the unusual and vice versa. My photography is mixed with digital technology to create images as I see them, not as they are. After all, aren't we all just seeing what we choose to see anyway?

I am basically self-taught and have painted for about twenty-five years. Oil is my preference, and I also work in watercolour. My work consists of a variety of subject matter on a variety of surfaces. Detail is important to me, whether I am working with brush or palette knife, as I strive to have a photo-like result.

Roberto Janz ( Beto Janz ) was born in Curitiba/Brazil in 1981.

Since I was a kid I have been immersed in rock'n'roll, horror movies and skateboarding. The underground universe has always been part of my lifestyle and work. I think my art depicts ingredients of this universe. It was precisely rock'n'roll that influenced me to have a do-it-yourself mindset.


I am a 79 year old woman who took up art after retirement. I studied at the Art Student's League in New York under Knox Martin and under Tom Campbell at The Toronto School of Art.
I live in Collingwood, Ontario with a cute little dog and walls covered with paintings.

My Blog -

My art represents my own impressions of the world around me. I am influenced by my everyday surroundings, personal history and the juxtaposition of living in a modern metropolis with my
love of nature.

White starlight, or sunlight, is actually a spectrum of all colours, as seen when the speed of light is slowed by a prism, separating the colours and making a rainbow. The way we observe nature is no less fantastic. When light shines down from the sun and hits the earth, every material thing on earth will absorb certain rays of light and reflect the rest back out into space.

Illustrator, fairy tales, poetry, children's books, classics, mythology. Working with oils, crayons, color pencils, pens, ink, mixed media.

The transitory nature of existence binds everything in the material world. Careful observation reveals the beauty within each fleeting moment. -Bret Culp

Central to my technique is understanding that I am “seeing” with both my eye and my mind throughout the whole process: shooting, selecting, editing; being able to recognize the unfamiliar and be surprised by the familiar. I like to have an idea of what I am looking for but not so much that I am blind to what I see. It is as important to consider how one sees as what one sees.

Bridget Griggs is a self taught emerging artist. She has been selling her work since she began in July 2010. Bridget has hung over 20 solo exhibits in Toronto along with a few group exhibits to date.
Bridget's work is vibrant and playful, experimental and dynamic, like the artist herself. She loves going to the unknown to find what is there...

Broňa's art has been deeply influenced by the sacred symbolism inherent in Canadian Woodland art.

Christina Jane Clare is an oil painter drawn to figurative and facial expression. She divides her time between Toronto and Hockley Valley. Influenced by many renaissance and impressionist artists, Christina has studied at the Avenue Road Arts School, AGO, Toronto School of Art, and ArteMbassy, taking a variety of classes including Egg Tempera, Encaustic, Acrylic and Oil Painting.


I'm Candace - I live and create in west Toronto. The art I'm showing on this website is from my ongoing series Billions Pass Through This Landscape. Much more can be seen on my website, both from this series and from others:

Artist: Candice Zepeda
Location: Toronto,ON

Carlos Delgado is Colombian visual artist living in Toronto, Canada. As an internationally recognized artist, Carlos's artwork is held in private collections in Canada, USA, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America and is represented by Galleri Lohme in Sweden,  Gallery 133 in Canada and Gallery Chaos in Serbia.

My painting practice is primarily concerned with my romanticization of natural features, phenomena and landmarks. I have a fascination with the antique and (seemingly) permanent.

Instagram @carlsjaye
Facebook: Art by Carly Jaye
Twitter: @CarlyJayeArt

Anatomical study of emotion.

These paintings focus on the complex emotions wrought by the human condition.

The stark background gives prominence to the main figure and yet still plays an active role,
influencing the conscious and subconscious intent of the painting.


Carolanne MacLean is a Toronto artist and graduate of the Ontario College of Art, 1996. Her encaustic works can be figurative or non-representational. Please visit

Canadian artist, Carolina Vargas, was originally born in Colombia. Professionally trained as a Civil Engineer, Carolina’s appreciation for the beauty of art has always been present. Carolina’s work is a compilation of emotions and life experiences based on a contemporary perspective. As a self-taught artist her technique is anything but conventional.

A published author and journalist, Carolyn Dawson is now sharing her artistic talent with the world. Emerging as an expressionism artist, her work in watercolour and acrylic has people turning their heads.

Carrie Chisholm, AOCAD, MFA

Carrie is a Toronto-based artist, a graduate of OCAD’s Communication and Design program, their Advanced Visual Studies Certificate program (Florence, Italy campus) and has obtained a Masters in Fine Art through RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia in 2006.


Cate McGuire is a Toronto artist with a background in painting and architecture. McGuire is currently working mainly in collage and mixed media and her work explores the emotional impact of architecture on our lives, both by its physical form, and by what it represents in our mind and memories.

Cate Merritt is a line of paintings by Carolanne MacLean. Carolanne is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art, 1996. This collection of work has the expressive quality of fast-moving lines and bright colours depicting the face.


Catherine is an emerging Toronto artist who uses the medium of encaustic in her paintings. She fell in love with encaustic because of its enormous versatility. She uses this versatility to allow her work to reveal itself through techniques including layering, scraping and dripping.


My work blends paper with ink, pencil and watercolour to create images that verge on memories real or imagined; glimpses of something happening that is just out of reach and perhaps even understanding.

Born and raised in Toronto, Catherine Shea began her career as an artist more than 30 years ago. Her work is strongly influenced by the imagery of visual experiences and enhanced by colour and texture. Graphics, architecture, design, the environment feature prominently with the added abstraction of the unexpected.

I have recently returned to the figure after years of exploration in the abstract realm. My muse the organic form and the human form are of the same essence; they both spring from the nurturing earth and there is joy to be found luxuriating in their curvaceous forms and following them through the darkness and into the light.

Historically, portrait paintings have primarily memorialized significant contributors to history and culture. They have depicted Religious Icons, political figures and members of Royalty. I am a contemporary portrait painter dedicated to capturing a moment recalled with a person, rather than a statement of ambition for their distant future.

Cem Basarir is a Canadian contemporary urban artist who loves city life. He studied Fine Arts as a young person and focused particularly on the lives of painters and the art that emerged from them.

Growing up in Saskatoon, a small conservative city in the middle of Canada, artist Chad Coombs was forced to work around the fact people were not willing to pose for him out of fear of being recognized.

​​​​​​​​ I have been painting since I was a child and have never stopped, my first painting lessons were from my mother, who always kept Art supplies in the house. As I grew I developed a strong desire inside me to put my mark on the outside world and make things beautiful around me, growing up I studied a wide variety art mediums.

Fractal trees can be created using any combination of angles and ratios but, when I first tried to create one, I chose 45 degrees and the Golden Ratio. After a few iterations, I was amazed to see a heart emerge in the negative spaces. To me, this is a sacred symbol since it marries art to science and spirit to systems thinking.

After a successful career as a political assistant to both a federal and provincial cabinet minister in Canada - Christine was increasingly drawn to creative life. She took an art course and found her true passion was painting - not politics. Fifteen years ago Christine pursued studies in art and continues to find joy in painting and print making.


"He always brings so much vitality to his work. Vitality defines him. He loves life and it bubbles out of him as if carbonated and given a good shake. Very inspiring. His work is excellent, the images perfectly composed."
Christopher Dew offers these photographs as examples of his enthusiastic approach to life and the images it offers.

Christopher Knights is a multi-talented artist, working in a variety of mediums including oil,
encaustic, fresco, metal, and wood. He was trained in editorial illustration, however, his most recent
work is characterized by whimsical and seductive abstract motifs that reference the natural world.

Christy Hayhoe lives and works in Toronto.

I work in photographic series. The images on this page are not colour correct - please click through to my website.


I am a painter. In recent years I have been interested in exploring the field of depth in painting. I like my paintings to appear to project out of the wall-plane, or to recede behind it.

Corin Pinto is a painter and sculptor with a primary focus in encaustic art. Her paintings are recognized for their abstract impressionism and rich, vivacious colors. Her works are reflective of momentary glimpses of naturally occurring visual harmony found in nature. Corin’s idealistic interpretations offer a kind of inflection which evokes our sense of spirit in the natural world.

The initial inspiration came from an interior designer who hired Craig Caucasian to design pieces that could be resized or recoloured depending on the space and interior of the house she was designing for. Fast-forward a couple of years and Craig Caucasian has opened up his vector style art to anyone who desires contemporary style art at an affordable price. Dan is a self-taught artist working in Toronto, Canada, born in Ottawa, in 1960. He began painting in watercolours in 1988, then acrylics and recently has been painting mainly in oils. Through years of exploration and development, he has become a skilled technician as a painter.

I have a background in the natural sciences and landscape architecture and both my academic and professional life has focused on human and non-human animals and issues of space, ecology, design and sustainability. My art stems from these experiences and ranges from the study of animal form and sensibility to human sexuality and the representation of landscape.

Hailing from the cold shores of Lake Ontario, Dan Springer makes art and junk that makes he and his friends laugh and the ladies swoon.

Darius Sanei is a Toronto visual artist working in oil paint.


Hi. My name is Darryl Jones. I have been drawing, painting, sculpting and using other creative outlets ever since I was a kid. Until now, it has always been a hobby. Now I have shown my style at a couple of shows over the past few of months with people expressing great interest. I wish to present my Art to the world. I hope that you enjoy it as well.

Born in Glasgow, David studied photography in the UK and West Virginia, before moving to Canada.
For the past 20 years, David has worked in advertising photography, photojournalism, fine art, and regularly participates in group and solo gallery shows.

David Brandy has always been fascinated with the “Uncanny” – a concept based on the subject of aesthetics, where aesthetics is understood to mean not merely the theory of beauty but the theory of the qualities of feeling – an instance where something can be seen as both beautiful yet alien at the same time.


David Brown is an award-winning artist living and working in Toronto. His heavily textured abstract compositions have been exhibited extensively since 2003. Widely collected David’s work is held in private and corporate collections across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Since graduating from Central Technical Art School, Toronto, Canada in 1974 David Crighton has been recording the architectural streetscapes of the city and surrounding area in his distinctive style of fine detail and bright acrylic colouring. Crighton produces digital prints as well as commissioned original art in his little studio in the High Park Avenue area of the city he adores.


My images are intended to be snapshots of my world, creating a document of my daily life and that of my surrounding environment. My work ranges from natural scenes and man-made landscapes to intimate details of everyday objects that normally pass unnoticed.


The Elderly Leaves Series – David’s favourite time of the year is the fall, when the leaves change colour. His intent is to illustrate their beauty and dignity.

I'm a young tattoo artist who has recently moved to Toronto from Sochi, Russia. I have completed a tattooing course in Krasnodar, Russia. After returning home, I did tattooing for one year. At the moment I'm working on my own but would like to start work at a salon as I feel I could use the platform for getting my work out there as it is my specialty.

Transit Dreams
Dean's latest work deals with combining images of the construct world of a city transit system with images from his own experiences. Creating a fantasy world where subway cars are transformed into ocean reefs and street cars become exhilarating roller coaster rides along twisting tracks.

About Dean

People still have difficulty relating photography to art. Deborah's work prides itself on challenging these notions and conventions, specifically through experimentation and chance.

Artist and dilettante. Derrek S Lennox officially studied art at the University of Waterloo (Canada) and Cambridge University (UK) and unofficially with Anthony Batton (past president of the Canadian Association of Painters in Watercolour) and Ken Lashley (pop culture artist). Derrek's work has seen several published collections with several pieces in private collections around the world.

Devon E. Sioui is a twenty-eight year old self-taught abstract artist located in Toronto, Ontario. With a penchant for saturated colours and bold textures, she focuses primarily on creating large-scale, expressionist paintings using acrylic & mixed media. More than fifty of her paintings can be found in private collections throughout the US & Canada.

Diana Hillman works mostly in oils - on canvas, wood panel and paper. Her Road Works Series, which captures fleeting glimpses of the landscape as seen through the ready-made picture frame of the car window, has been featured in solo shows in Canada and the U.S.

Dianne Bailey Allen is a visual artist who works full time at a North Bay studio,but has close ties to Toronto. She participated in the Riverdale Artwalk in June. She is a certified art teacher with extensive teaching experience at the secondary, college and university level.

Based in: Toronto, Ontario; Originally from: Perth, Western Australia

Dominique Prévost was born in Quebec City and now resides in Oakville.

Creating art started as a hobby for me. I remember at a young age, I drew and painted mostly portraits of family and friends. But, over the years, it faded slowly and I had other things that I got occupied with. I was usually doodling here and there and I always had an active imagination and felt I needed to express myself and my thoughts.

Dragica Vidakovic first studied Illustration at Sheridan College. She then pursued her arts studies at OCAD, in print making, silk screening and more specifically fabric design.
Combining her love for design and sculpture, her work has evolved and taken on a style that is incredibly strong, both emotionally and physically.

Through large-scale drawings, minuscule paintings, playful performance and collaborative installation work I deal with the issues unique to our super-industrial age. I enjoy encouraging my viewer to mind the alien world seen through a microscopic, or the macro interconnectedness of all things affected by our seemingly insignificant daily choices.

In the past I have used unconventional materials such as my skin, my sweat, fly wings, live ants, stolen property etc., combining them with hardware into technical and emotional works that are as unusual as they are moving. While there is an element of uncertainty to this use of material, my work is carefully planned (or at least carefully imagined).

Whatever the viewer may or may not see, feel or not feel is valid and correct.

Edward de Ryk


Born in Moscow, Russia, in a family of a famous mosaic artist Leonid Stroganov. Being in collage art for more than 11 years now. Moved to Toronto in April 2006, had exhibitions in both Toronto and New York.

Eliza Xenophon was born in Grodno, Belarus. She attained EuroModern Design Studio and gained Certificate in Interior Design & Decoration. In 2010 she moved to Canada and now lives in Toronto. Eliza continued education in George Brown College, in Fine Arts Foundation.

Elizabeth Elkin is a renowned professional artist with an international reputation and over thirty years of experience.
Since 1990, she has shown her work in numerous galleries, juried group shows and solo exhibitions throughout North America.


Elizabeth Lennie paints liquid landscapes, both summer and winter. Working from the anchor of a figurative image the intention is to capture the liminal quality of light. By placing the focus in or upon water Lennie looks to infuse the narrative with notions of self through shared memory.

Elizabeth Stanton is a photographer and long time Toronto resident, originally from Liverpool, UK.

Elodie Machon is a visual artist, with a natural instinct for oil painting. Her innate artistic flair and signature style have made her popular among art enthousiasts in Paris, Montreal, and Toronto over the years.
Her work reflects both a traditional influence with a personal taste for French Impressionnists, and a constant desire to explore new ideas and techniques.

Emilia Jajus is a Toronto muralist, a pet portrait artist and an art teacher.Her mind is constantly preoccupied with thinking about how to make our environment more beautiful. The artist's mission statement is “To beautify spaces and create memories”.

Eric Gaston Simard is an abstract artist working primarily with encaustics. He has been described as a sculptural painter whose work begs viewers to question the delicacy of each finely laid layer as his work often leave the panel and emerges into the room.

Erin is an Toronto based artist who works in acrylic and oil. Her work is influenced by her love of the early portrait work from the Tudor era as well as early American Folk art.


Welcome to jones and coe!
I am so excited to share my new journey with all of you!

I have been blessed in this life with two passions – Interior Design & Abstract Art!
Nine to Five, Monday to Friday you will find me working on AutoCAD, sourcing interior furnishings & going to job sites.

I will come back to this, but for now I am an artist currently residing in Toronto, working with oil, and drawing with ink, water colour and graphite.

Visual Artist, photographer, videographer, painter.
Born in 1988 in Mexico city, actually working in Toronto, one of the contemporaneous artist who decide back to the origin of himself, what kind of dreams or visions have you ever experimented, without use any substance, a real dream pot in a canvas or a video, just a taste of freedom.

Born in a small town in Romania, Eugen-Florin Zamfirescu built his first camera out of a shoe box. His early work survived only in his imagination. Presently he lives in Toronto where he pursues his lifelong passions: fine arts painting and photography, philosophy and astrophysics.

Born and raised in Poland and living in Canada a graduate of OCAD, Eva has always painted.

Evan Magar studied and graduated from the Art College in 1993, later working as an Art Director on variety of theater and film projects. In 1997 Evan enrolled at Vancouver’s Film Collage, subsequently graduating from with a Graphic Design and 3D Animation faculty. After graduation Evan was developing character designs for cartoons and 3D Animation projects.

ARTIST: Evan Steenson is an emerging Canadian conceptual artist who works in digital media. He is a member of the 1313 Gallery and lives and works in Toronto.

AESTHETIC: The visual presentation of Evans concepts oscillates from the bright, utopian forms of geometric abstraction to the meta-modern, reconfigured and hypermodified forms of our post millennial culture.

Ezio Molinari, the first-generation son of two Italian immigrants, was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Ezio studied photography (stills) at Ryerson graduating in 1991. Upon graduation he worked his way towards becoming a commercial photographer by way of taking on various photography related jobs including working at a photographic supplier, as well as assisting and managing a studio.


Fa)tima Andrade immigrated from Portugal as infant and paints primarily in acrylics. Ambiguity and ambivalence: These two conceptual frameworks inform her paintings and artistic style. She is interested in the liminal space between reality and abstraction and fascinated by the idea that a painting can affect an individual on a conscious and unconscious level.

Felicity Somerset is a fine art photographer, based in Toronto. Her photographic subjects are often, but not exclusively, drawn from landscape and nature in both Canadian and international locations. She is interested in the intimate and often abstracted image that captures the essence and intricacies of rural and urban landscapes.

FotoFlares is Alexandra Karakis, a Toronto based multifaceted artist specializing in GLITTER ART!
Avaialble to commission for unique custom artworks such as portraits, in either ACRYLIC PAINT or GLITTER :)
Also available for photography projects, shooting with a Canon7D - and custom graphic design.

Much of Frances Clancy's artistic life has been spent as an illustrator. It has been her joy to paint many images for children's books, text books and magazines. Successful projects were also completed for advertising agencies and packaging. However, her real passion lies in painting the images that consume her imagination.

Sri-Lankan born, Frances Ferdinands is painter, educator, and classical pianist. She recently re-located her studio practice from Toronto to the beautiful Northumberland Hills, north of Port Hope. For 3 decades she has participated in solo and group shows in such diverse locales as Paris, Honolulu, Bogota, and across Canada and the USA.

Born in Italy, Toronto Based

Franco Rizzi has been painting for over four decades. His work encompasses landscapes, wildlife and people. Working predominantly in oils on canvas, his impressionistic rendering of these subjects gives viewers a chance to experience what he experiences. Franco also works in acrylics, pastels an mixed media.

Freya Kazemi is an Iranian-Canadian abstract painter. She was born in Tehran, Iran where she studied Fine Arts and acquired her degree in General Painting. Her journey in art began with pencil colors and pastels influenced by her childhood memories. She later evolved into more abstract work as her touch became more expressive.

New creations are works produced on Mylar, incorporating mixed media, i.e. working with oils, watercolour, inks, transfers, also including textured materials. This transparent material allows for the manipulation of images on both sides, front and back,
creating double images or positive and negatives at the same time. The result has been the collection of Seascapes.

Gail Balfe is a senior professional artist painting in Toronto and showing online. She has two websites, shows work done before 2012 and www., which shows current work in two series, equine art and portraits of birds.

Gaya is an award-winning international contemporary abstract artist from Toronto. A recipient of numerous art awards and an author of several art publications, Gaya exhibits in Americas, Europe and Asia. Her abstract paintings are proudly held in a number of private collections.

Genie Weinstein started drawing at age 3 and had a book published commercially with her illustrations when she was still in her teens. Her experience includes several publishing credits and a tenure as an artist for digital children's titles. Her artwork can be found in a New Zealand travel guide by Lonely Planet and a collection of essays on J. R. R.

Professional visual artist Georgia Fullerton has been educated in Visual Arts in Alberta, Canada and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at York University in Toronto, Canada. Georgia is the founder of Fullerton Fine Art Collection® and co-founder of Durham Black Artists Collective (DBAC). As a published artist, Ms. Fullerton has exhibited her paintings in Canada and internationally.

Gloria Blatt, a graduate of the prestigious Communications and Design program at the Ontario College of Art (OCA), is an accomplished and highly regarded abstract artist. Born in Toronto, Canada, she is inspired by the dynamic and fast paced city that has provided a backdrop for many of her pieces.

Toronto abstract artist, Gloria Green began painting just over a decade ago. Working as a Clinical Dietitian at the Pediatric Oncology Unit at SickKids, Toronto, Gloria became inspired by the stories of hope and courage of her patients and sought an expressive and tangible medium.

My paintings are part spontaneous intuitive explorations. I spend as much time scraping away and pushing paint around as adding paint to the canvas. I seldom work with brushes preferring to work with drywall scrapers and other objects for applying the paint and for removing it after various stages of drying.

Grace Dam is a Toronto based artist. Her love affair with art began at a very young age and it has been the greatest gift in life. She has painted for the past 20 years and currently studies at OCADU for her Fine Arts degree. She specialises in oil and acrylic, most of the subject matters deal with conflicts, social issues or entice at least layers of thoughts.


I'm a Documentary Award winning UNESCO photographer ( a surprise if ever there was one). This month the plan is to create a website at TRL"s Learning Centre. In the meantime google "Flickr Grace's clicks". I have been to 75-80 countries and have taken some SPECTACULAR photos.

Gregg Allan McGivern is a Toronto based, prolific, visual artist that experiments with many different forms of substrates, materials and mediums to create art. He has various styles from traditional watercolours; abstract/semi-abstract and impressionistic paintings to fine life renderings.

Grethe Jensen is a contemporary artist/instructor whose work is abstracted, rich in colour, and approached in the spirit of exploration and experimentation, often moody. Her people are larger than life, the streetcars are up close, and all of her paintings have a powerful presence.

With the natural world as my inspiration, I work in an abstract manner that weaves in and out of realism but always with an expressionistic, abstraction and sometimes impressionistic influence.

Constantly evolving, Hal’s style seems to renew each year. His approach is rarely the same but his style is always recognizable. He explores many subjects with his unique approach to fine art photography. When developing a piece, Hal favors polishing his imagery with tones and textures. He has a very special way of fusing his beautifully framed photography with technological magic.

Hanna Ruminski was born and educated in Poland. She received Master's degree from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts (1975-80).Since 1981 she has resided in Canada.

Pornigami the art of Harv.

Some of the most famous pieces of art history exist within the realm of the classical nude. With pornigami my goal is to bring a contemporary twist to this art form. The human body is intriguing, it comes in all shapes and sizes, it bend’s, fold’s and twist’s with precision much like the ancient art of origami.

I am an artist and a storyteller who communicate through the use of symbolism, literary reference and text. My work is figurative in nature and has social, cultural and environmental implications.

Helena Wehrstein is a textile & mixed media artist. Breathing new life into old stuff is her passion: stuff that is unused, unwanted, discarded. She reclaims, reuses, recycles, upcycles stuff from friends, yard sales, the street, second-hand stores, her basement...wood, electronics, cables, bits and pieces of junk.

professional painting

Hoda Zarbaf is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist, who uses recycled textiles, pre-owned clothing, old toys and found objects to make figurative sculptures.

A third generation Torontonian, whose family has lived here for over 100 years.
A prolific painter by nature. Specializing in the abstract oil paintings on canvas-
and crushed metal sculptures.

I just closed a one month long SOLO show, at the Carrier Gallery in North York,
with 175 original paintings.

Painting has been her passion for many life times; when Ida Tong paints, she is in her true element. Recently, she loves to paint with mixing all medium such as oil, acrylic, soil, feathers, glue, photos from magazines, and whatever she feels appropriate to use for her paintings. The feeling of different textures gives her a sense of joy and wholeness.

I am a "paint carver". I live in Toronto and I paint under the name iri.

My ideas are based on the celebration of culture, philisophy, spirituality.

I am a contemporary artist predominantly working with oil.

I was born and raised in Ukraine, and I began painting at a very young age. My passion for the arts led me to graduate from Kharkov State Technical University of Civil Engineering and Architecture where I studied Architecture and Art.

Jacqueline Treloar is an artist and educator. She is a graduate of the Central School of Art and Design in London, England from where she received a Leverhulme Traveling Scholarship to further her studies.

My work allows me to speak about the sometimes forgotten subtleties in my environment. Through careful observation I am connected to my environment, and by recording it I invite the viewer to participate in my experience.

Jacquelyn Sloane Siklos is an artist working in photography. The landscape in motion and water is the subject and inspiration for much of her work.
Her work is available for sale at Canvas Gallery in Toronto, and on the internet through
The works shown are from two recent series - Below the Surface and Poetic Motion.


I am exploring integration of figurative forms with organic textures transferred to foil grounds of various textures and colours. I look for compositions that aren’t immediately recognizable, making the viewer work a bit before the image becomes comprehensible.


For 25 years, sisters Jane and Kathryn Irwin have been working together on commissioned glass art projects. Etching, painting and fusing techniques are used to balance flowing movement and organized structure, in careful compositions of colour, shape, texture and line.

Her studio is located at The Kloepfer Gallery, 18 Paisley St, Guelph ON N1H 2N6
Imagination is an integral part of all aspects of Jane Baran's life; she delights in 'thinking outside of the box'.


I use coloured pencil and graphite for my drawings. I frequently use found objects as the starting point to begin a drawing, picking up discarded objects in the laneways of Toronto where I live, or on the beaches that I visit. I have favourite places in this city where I walk, photograph, paint. Those studies are brought back to the studio to be composed into drawings.

Jane Murdoch Adams: My most recent series SQUEEZEBOX:ACCORDION PAINTINGS is all about Irish Dance Music played on the Accordion. These paintings are all 36" x 48". Here is a 1-minute video of the opening of my solo exhibition in November 2013:

Jane's artwork is comprised of a mixture of styles, subjects and media and are mostly inspired from nature. As a member of SAC, VAC, Arts Etobicoke and Rails End Gallery, she has exhibited in numerous juried shows. Jane has also held several solo shows in Toronto. Her paintings are also available for rental through Arts Etobicoke.


janet f. potter
Mixed Media Artist

Janice Colbert is a professional Canadian artist. She holds a BFA from OCADU and an MFA from UBC.


My mixed media compositions are made of oil paint, newspaper and found objects. They refer directly to urban decay and the environment. I maintain that only through abstraction can the viewer tap into their unconscious and access the sublime in their imagination.


As a full-time art photographer, I consider landscape photography to be a visually engaging platform for current environmental challenges and debates: it evokes the familiar natural world, part of artistic tradition and our cultural iconography, and heightens our understanding of the many physical, biological and temporal processes that shape this world and our present relationship to it.

•Fine Artist/Illustrator/Creative Director
•Fine Oil Paintings,Digital Art, Illustrations,Concept Art, Creative Direction

Jayati Gupta is a Toronto based artist, who works primarily in oil paints and acrylics.She uses vibrant colours and textures to bring out the drama in each piece, either in Impressionistic or Abstract methods.Her paintings celebrate the familiar Canadian landscape and daily mundane life and objects with a flavour of fun and abstractism.


Jean Jewer is an interdisciplinary artist addressing themes of identity, memory and impermanence while working across various mediums including painting, photography and printmaking. A native of Newfoundland, Jewer was brought up on the remote coast of the island in a small fishing community on the Northern Peninsula.

Jeff Bartels was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He grew up in the Toronto area where he showed an interest and talent for art at an early age. Throughout his schooling he focused his attention on art and in 1992 he continued those studies at the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto.

I am inspired by Peter Doig, Picasso, Rodin, French cubism, Russian futurism, Otto Dix, , Bob Rauschenberg, Alex Calder, Man Ray, Marcel Dunham, Francis Bacon, Art Deco......Im inspired by people and mood and texture and ancient patterns, mathematics, metaphysics, fashion and the depiction of women in the media.

I am Inspired by colour as a formative power and currently work in three streams.
I create landscapes in oil , Inner landscapes on paper and sculptural paintings.

My life as an artist began when I was five years old, sitting at the kitchen table where I drew people living their day-to-day lives which seemed to me, then, infinitely more interesting than my own. As a teenager, I learned to pull the pain out of me and put it onto paper.

Jennifer Smithwell paints directly from nature she can soak in the feelings of the place-the warm glow, the rich colors and feelings.Using oils and acrylic paint outside means you have to paint quickly to catch the light and this encourages a spontaneity that is more successful in catching fleeting moments.


Jennifer Wardle is a Toronto artist who works in painting, drawing, installation and sound.Her work has been exhibited in galleries and festivals in Toronto, Quebec, New York City, Budapest, Hungary and Florence, Italy. Jennifer's work is in numerous public and private collections.

Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Jennifer moved to Toronto in 1995. She is equally passionate about portraiture and abstraction, and has achieved great success in each genre. Her paintings are in private collections and galleries across Canada. Each of her paintings, whether abstract or figurative, is a celebration of energy and movement.

Born in Kingston Jamaica to Chinese & Scottish parents, Jensa immigrated to Toronto where she spent her early years. Jensa has lived in Montreal, Miami & San Francisco while studying in the diverse fields of fashion and nursing.

Jess is a Toronto-based comic artist and illustrator. She graduated from Seneca's Independent Illustration program and has a degree in English, Philosophy, and Writing from the University of Toronto. She also has a background in costuming having spent two years studying historical and theatrical costuming at Dalhousie University.

Jesse lives in Toronto. He’s fairly friendly and sometimes even in a good mood. His art is influenced by big questions, lowbrow behaviour, and random everyday things. It's a playful, irreverent & cynical commentary on the world just for the hell of it.

As an artist I get my inspiration from my own experiences; everyday things that demand a visual interpretation. However personal, I strive to articulate the images in a way that you,  the viewer, can attach your own personal story to.

My work reflects an ever evolving exploration into the complex emotion that I experience in the context of nature, particularly the forest.
The forest communicates a force that is at once identifiable and mysterious. There is for me an instant calming effect, a benevolent power that invites a contemplation of the mysteries of sustainability and how we are connected.

John Kosmopoulos is a multiple international award-winning photographer who embodies an “eclectic aesthetic fine art” (EAFA) philosophy of photography. He specializes in both black + white and “muted colour metallics” fine art photography. His work has been featured in several international interviews, magazines, promotions, billboards, galleries and film.

John Macpherson was born in Toronto, Ontario were he still lives and works. He attended and received degrees
from Western University and than also graduated from the Ontario College of Art & Design University for Graphic Design.

“My art is not about words or philosophies. I paint because I feel compelled to translate the things I observe – the things that create a sense of excitement or wonder within me. It could be a piece of interesting architecture, a beautiful flower, a breathtaking bit of scenery, or a moment of weather drama .” ~ John Molnar (1960 – 2010)


John Shea was born and raised in Montreal and has now settled in the country north of Kingston.

After studying at L’ecole des Beaux Arts in Montreal, and at Syracuse University, John went on to teach Visual Art for 25 years in Perth, Ontario.

His work focuses on the nineteenth century stone architecture of Eastern Ontario.

I understand painting/drawing to be a continuous process of producing, reacting to, and evaluating successes and failures. The dichotomies between marks, moments or gestures perceived as strong versus weak are pivotal to my painting practice. A completed artwork is a recorded experiment allowing both failures and successes to reveal themselves.

Joseph Bencic explores ideas of perception, spirituality, and psychological processes in his work. Influenced by Surrealism and other art movements of the early part of the twentieth century, he uses symbolism and dream-like imagery to convey his ideas.

I have been painting for most of my life. Apparently I haven’t made much of an impression on the nabobs of the art scene. No matter, I keep producing and promoting my work and the artistic flame keeps on burning. One must remember that art is a process. It is the means and not the end. It is a journey and sometimes the road is smooth and at times bumpy.

Joseph Muscat is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and York University. He has exhibited in Canada, USA, Europe and South America and his work is widely collected in Public, Corporate and Private collections. He has received numerous Ontario Arts Council grants and CC travel grants. He has taught Visual Arts in high schools and university.

I am a passionate urbanist that believes in the importance of the public realm. I think our shared streetscape can be reinvigorated through public engagement, city pride and through work that strives to bring a sense of play to the everyday lifescape. Either built, natural, created or virtual, the focus of human habitation is fundamental to his work.

Joyce is a former art professor, now retired & back to painting full time. Her subject matter is mainly landscapes. She works from her photographs & creates her own interpretation of nature. She simplifies the shapes she sees in nature into bright colors. She Has been labeled a colorist or fauve-like painter. She has a web site with more recent work at:

Judi Lederman uses enigmatic or abstracted images and text. Her paintings are intended to create visual pleasure, a sense of mystery, playfulness or an unconscious response that engages the viewer. Judi's recent work focuses on abstracted images of birds and their often comical sounds.

Julia Hacker is Russian born mixed media artist. Since 1990 she resides and works in Toronto, Canada.
Julia always enjoyed the decorative aspect of collage, playing an optical illusions, tricks on the viewer, where is one left wondering.

Julia Hacker is an Elected member of Canadian Society of Artists and a member of Federation of Canadian Artists.
Today Julia Hacker is a Toronto based multidisciplinary artist working in a variety of traditional and mixed mediums, including oil, acrylic paint, handmade collage, and illustration.

Julia Shure is primarily a figurative and portrait artist who also enjoys painting flowers. She creates vibrant and vulnerable paintings that always capture the essence of her subject. Primarily working in oil, Julia also uses ink, oil stick, pencil crayon and decoupage to create her work, which are usually quite large in size, averaging four to five feet high.

Julia Vandepolder holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree specializing in Studio Art and Art History from the University of Guelph.

Julie Goulding paints with oils,and acrylics, on stretched canvas. Her way of looking often has a surreal edge and a focus on spatial relationships seen through geometric forms.

My recent work has been a search to discover how we have created our cities and changed our landscapes. I have lived, studied, and practiced architecture in various large cities, where the dependence on rivers directly influenced how our built forms have developed.

Lyrical, expressionistic, organic and free. Bold, Colourful, Vibrant paintings created in the spontaneous, intuitive process using water based media on paper or canvas. Poetic bubbles, happy microorganisms, aquatic baloons, representing energy of life, progress, transformation, relations between elements. I focus also on Canadian landscape painted in plein air.

Artist • Designer • Producer

Hi, I'm Justin Mrasek, I'm 25 years old. I was born in Etobicoke, Ontario (Canada) and grew up in Toronto. I have been in the Print industry since I was 14, and now I'm currently at Humber College for Graphic Design hoping to gather the necessary skills and abilities to further my career.

I seek to emote using wild, revelatory colour. I work from photographs on figurative and architectural commissions, creating non-traditional portraits which are unique to my own personal vision. I use colour to show emotion, character, depth, ebb and flow, happiness, sadness and general expressivity of my subject matter.

Born in Pune, India, Kanchan Raste holds a Master’s Degree in Chemistry and Software Engineering. Growing up, Kanchan, who also goes by the name of Chaitrali, which means “Arrival of Spring”, was influenced by the rich cultural heritage of her country. The colors, textures, seasons, sounds and smells inspired her on every step of the way to express herself through her art.

kara schuster is an upholstery artist/maker by day, and a painter/photographer by night. primarily working with mixed media, schuster explores abandoned spaces and forgotten objects in her works.

Karen Cantello is a painter living in Toronto with a professional art practice since 2008.

Abstract art is abstracted from something; my aim is to capture the memory of a scene, rather than a faithful rendering. I try to capture the essence of an image, what made it stand out for me, the redness of a maple, the stillness of a lake. My work reflects myself in that moment as much as the image in front of me.

- Karen Taylor

Karlene Bland Fine Art
Humans encounter ups and downs in this walk of life. As a fellow human being and artist, Karlene Bland wants to remind you as you travel with her in her paintings, of only the highs. She would like to transport you to a place of calm and respite, peace and love, beauty and brilliance, fantasies and the dreams you secretly harbor in the corners of your heart.


Fine Art Acrylics,

Karola Steinbrecher is a Canadian fine art painter based in Toronto. Her award winning pieces are lively and expressive, delivered in very intense colors, on exciting, rich backgrounds. Karola’s work is very modern and contemporary, putting a fresh new approach on traditional abstract and floral depictions.


Our humanity is coupled to our connection to nature. My work explores the unique forms and colours of nature and how they are an integral part of our lives. Capturing the energy in dynamic lines or communicating calm water, the visual is simplified to the barest elements; simplified but multi-layered to communicate the true complexity of our relationship with nature.


My choice of subject matter covers a wide range of interests. In general, I look for visual rhythms and connections between disparate elements: material sensuality and what-ifness, perception and memory.

Kathryn O'Neill is a Canadian Surrealist painter.

Katie Kaboom Art.

Katya is a Russian-born artist, multidisciplinary designer and visual artist with a passion for adorable subjects, fun experimentation and intricate details - with a traditional, classic undertone. She grew up in the United Kingdom where she studied Graphic Arts at Winchester School of Art, and now calls Toronto home.


"Krupuk" crackers :

These works started out as store bought uncooked flat prawn crackers . Using a slotted ladle an
oiled wok I cooked and sorted them by size and shape appeal.
Decisions on the figures are made as there affixed to a bamboo skewer and a wooden base.

Kelsey Auger has been creating since she can remember - crafts, drawing, painting, and writing, etc.-an artist at heart since a young age. She studied Visual Arts, Communications, and Interior Decorating in school.


Kerry Walford was born and raised in Oakville, Ontario. She followed her passion for art at York University where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with honours in 2006. While studying and practicing at York, she was able to explore a variety of mediums including; drawing, painting, graphic design, screen printing, photography, stone carving and more.

A photographer turned painter, Kim Chan paints people and objects of her surroundings. These images represent a second look of her encounters in everyday life. They render fleeting conceptions of her constant reshaping of the world.

Andrew Tesi, otherwise known as the artist King Drex, is an emerging artist from Mississauga and Toronto, Ontario. His work is eclectic and so is his personality. He has been working for approximately two years, focusing on mixed media art on canvas (using melted crayon, spray paint, acrylic paint, etc.) that is both abstract and expressionistic.

Kirk Sutherland is a Toronto based artist and art teacher. He graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design(OCAD) in 1991.
He has exhibited his work for over 25 years under the representation of many art galleries. Sutherland’s works are represented in numerous private and corporate collections throughout North America and Europe.

Kurt Rostek, he's just a simple painter. For 30+ years he has been capturing light and form on an array of surfaces then hanging them on gallery walls here in Toronto, New York City and once he had the opportunity to show in Beijing.
Still exploring and accepting every change that arises and slips away as in a dream already dreamt. There is only one direction to travel ---->

Inspired by the landscape of Ontario, award winning painter Laura Culic works in beeswax, oil and paper.
Laura was awarded Best in Show at the Ontario Society of Artist’s Open Juried Exhibition in 2012 and as well as Best in Painting at the 51st Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, and has been the recipient of an Ontario Arts Council Grant.
She has painted full time since 2006.

Laura Heaney is a contemporary portrait artist based in Toronto. With drawing as her chosen media, Heaney’s main focus is hyper-realistic portraiture with occasional diversions into acrylic painting.

Warburton’s compositions are brushed, sprayed, carved, splattered, scraped or poured, the use of texture, and abstraction provides a beautiful organic feel.

Her paintings are aptly termed” Loft Artwork”, as they are large in size: over four feet. They provide a contemporary feel, whether it be raw loft design, modern or warm traditional spaces.


My painting is largely inspired by the natural world and filtered through my inner landscape. A recent switch from acrylic to oil paint has pushed my work towards more abstraction and immediacy in my brushwork. Colour, composition, texture and organic form are the structural elements of interest.

My art portfolio includes painting, digital imagery and handcut collage. Paintings are acrylics on canvas and cover a wide array of subject matter, floral imagery, landscape, and seascape in particular. Some of the images are slightly abstract and generously textured, with acrylic gels and additives, or elements of collage.


Leah Rainey's paintings explore the ground between latent memories, images and thoughts.
Working from images that are found, Rainey uses a reductive process of editing to explore the visual space around and between things. She observes and reveals that which is often overlooked. In viewing her work, the details we unconsciously register, return to us.

My urban series of acrylic paintings and mixed‐media art, explore themes of environmental degradation and human-nature interactions within the urban environment.


Lesley Harries-Jones is a Canadian artist currently residing in Toronto, Ontario. She is a graduate of the Toronto School of Art. Her work forms part of private collections in NYC and Canada. Represented by Stax Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario

I am a Vancouver born, Toronto based artist. I work in different mediums including illustration, painting, photoshop, design work and beginner animation. I am competent in Illustrator, Photoshop and Aftereffects.

My work is based on nature and organic themes.


My art explores a magic world in which figurative painting coexists with abstraction. Although my medium is Abstract Expressionism, you can always find human figures in my paintings.


As a child, I have been drawn to colour and shapes, in my kindergarten class I produced a colourful necklace made out of construction paper and straws. I remember wearing it proudly. This simple activity was a beginning to developing my creative side. My current body of work has evolved from my personal experiences and memories being evoked such as late.

Why does one need to paint a picture, what purpose does it really serve, how does it help humankind and what value does it really hold? These are questions which I have wrestled with for as long as I have had the urge to represent the world in paintings.


Linda Jenetti likes to work plein air but also uses multiple photos and videos for studio paintings. Using impasto and sgraffito leaves brush strokes visible in her colourful oil and acrylic paintings. Presently Linda Jenetti's paintings encompass contemporary landscape and abstract work. Always enchanted with the natural world Jenetti investigates her feelings about the countryside.

I’m a full-time artist making conceptual and abstract photographs, paintings, collages, and 3D boxes.

Making art lets me explore the uncharted territory of my mind, and the ebb and flow of life with its endless swirling motion, its tensions and disturbances, and its richness, beauty, and incredible diversity – what Zorba the Greek called “the full catastrophe of life”.

Linda Woolven is a local Toronto artist with a degree in Fine Arts from York University. She has also studied at the Avenue Road School of Art, George Brown and The Toronto School of Art.

Lindsay studied at OCAD, then moved to the USA and to Europe, returning home to Toronto, to continue her creative endeavours.


Lisa Brown was a Toronto-born, Paris and Berlin-based artist who passed away tragically from cancer in 2001, at the age of 31.

I am basically self-taught and have painted for many years.
I love working with Acrylics and am playing around with Oils and mixed media.
I found that I needed to reduce the stress's of my day to day I bought a load of Acrylic paints...some canvas..and brushes...then found myself lost within my paintings.

In my purely abstract series, I express my visions in a spontaneous and raw fashion, waiting for emotions to be evoked and for images to emerge without ever predicting the end result.

My alternate series delves into the affinity between Sky, Middle Earth and Underworld, but does so with fluidity rather than with firm lines of demarcation.

Lori Klassen was born and raised in a small Mennonite community in southern Manitoba. Her first contributions to the art world were in music, singing opera and oratorio across Canada and Europe. On a whim, she took a class in acrylics painting from a school called Art for the Terrified, and discovered a passion for painting.

The majority of Lori Ryerson’s life/work experiences have revolved around communications in some fashion. Initially, it was through the performing arts, later through the written word. In 2010, she returned to school to learn photography. Lori’s doesn’t usually set out with a preconceived shot in her mind, seeking a specific arrangement of things.

For 25 years, I have worked with textiles in a non-traditional way. I was drawn to fabrics early through a traditional upbringing when all young girls learned to sew. For many years I learned a number of techniques, both hand and machine, and this long exploration eventually lead to my present work: a mixture of machine sewing, collage, embroidery and quilting.

Born and raised in Baghdad amidst sociopolitical instability, art has been her release for as long as she can remember. It has allowed her to vent out on the surrounding hardships, and gave her hope.

Lynda Warne is a portrait artist working mainly from life.


Following the publication of my verse novel, Moon Sea Crossing (Black Moss Press, 2005), I began to explore visual modes of poetic expression. Initial experiments with textiles ignited an obsession with embroidery, which soon became the focus of my artistic practice. The Great Lakes region is my primary source of inspiration.

I am Maggie Broda, a graduate of the Ontario College of Art & Design University. While studying Drawing and Painting I met a strong collective of diverse artists many have been influential in my work.

Malinda Prud’homme is a Toronto based Mixed Media and Portrait Artist with a passion for portraying natural female beauty. The majority of her artwork focuses on capturing a variety of beauty in order to express that, despite what the media tells us, all women are beautiful in their own unique way.

Margaret Glew lives and paints in Toronto. Using a personal language of form and gesture, she makes intuitive, layered abstracts that are metaphors for the emotional landscape we all inhabit.

Margaret Lindsay Holton is a mid-career, award-winning artist/author from the Golden Horseshoe region of Southern Ontario, Canada.

Margie Kelk's artistic practice reflects contemporary concerns about cultural history and politics. She takes an exploratory and experimental approach as she appropriates and reconstructs visual fragments of ideas through diverse artistic media. which include ceramic sculpture, drawing and painting, video and photography.

Sculpture: I create figurative sculptures cast in bronze or ciment fondue, carved in densite and in fired ceramic. In some of my work the body displays strength and wholeness, a purity of form. I aim to seize a dynamic movement, and expressive emotion - a moment that may never exist again.

Marina Malvada is well recognized as an accomplished and prolific painter. Her works range in size from 5x4 inches to 5x4 feet.

Mark Johnson's art is a drawing out of connections seen with the mind's eye. Creating art, he shares his thoughts and visions filtered through eyes marked by a condition known as Antimetropia – where one eye is nearsighted and the other farsighted. This physical trait allows Mark to see images that are out of conscious awareness for most people.

Based in Toronto, Ont., Marlene Pape has been painting professionally since 2005 after a career in teaching and interior decorating. She paints in acrylic on canvas; her favourite themes include trees, especially birches, skies and water. She also has a large collection of abstracts.

Marvyne Jenoff is a visual artist living and working in the Toronto area. Her current series of mixed media collages uses pieces torn or cut from her own work: sketchbooks, abandoned watermedia and acrylic paintings and photographs, adhered to paper backing.

As an artist Mayya Chykalovets is based in Toronto working with various mediums focusing on abstract and conceptual art employing acrylics, mixed media, oils, casein, encaustics, and lithography printmaking.
She was introduced to the arts at a young age and was encourage to express herself and expand creative thinking.

Meghan Monaghan is an emerging artist who lives and works in Toronto. She graduated from OCAD University in 2006, winning the prestigious OCAD Medal for Drawing and Painting. Her work is influenced by the examination and inspection of natural forms; from plant life to rocks and minerals.

All my drawings are primarily done in pencil and pencil crayon for color and sometimes a tiny amount of paint.

Mena Nunes finds it particularly enjoyable when artwork conveys an emotional response from the viewer. Her short animated films, paintings or drawings aim to engage the audience to think of an idea, a feeling, or the unlimited possibilities that we as individuals or as a society have.


I like numbers, data and text and above all the graphic feel of text. Twice when I was a kid I counted to 1000. I liked math and numbers in Elementary School and these often find a way into my art. My work has taken me to different parts of Latin America, to galleries in Toronto and Montreal and to an arts residency in Finland.

Michael Toole is a long time resident of Mississauga, Ontario and an active member within his community. He is the son of an amateur photographer (father) and a painter (mother). After many years in the public service, photography/art has become his main focus. Given his parental influences, Michael tends to look for new and inventive ways to present his work.

Micheal Zarowsky
Cdn painter, fervent adlibber
Mixed media works / Acrylics / Watercolours / Pastels
Hons. B.A. philosophy / psychology,
York U, Toronto, 76.
Member C.S.P.W.C.


I was influenced in the art of stained glass from my mother. I remember being young and watching her create such beautiful works of art. She always encouraged me to pursue art and gave me the freedom to explore any and every medium. She taught me the stained glass technique and encourages me to this day to continue to be creative.

Michelle Dinelle, is an award winning abstract artist based in Toronto. Creative since childhood, she has explored all things art – finding her niche with abstracts.

Mikael Sandblom's artwork is mostly representational. The images consist of recognizable objects and materials that are composed and collaged together. These visual arrangements invite attempts at interpretation but don't easily resolve into specific symbolism.

Christine Miller is a Toronto based artist, born in Alberta and raised in Burlingotn Ontario who works primarily in acrylics and spray paint. Combining vibrant colours and infusing drama into each piece, her works are drippy and organic envoking a fleeting and ever changing sense of beauty found in the natural world.

I am Miranda Ballantyne. I am an artist who works with a multitude of materials and medias. Originally hailing from a small village just outside of the GTA, I moved to Toronto in 2009 to attend OCAD University for Photography. Since then I fell in love with the city due to the amount of interactions, opportunity and experience I have gained while being here.

My paintings are done by intuition without any conscious attention. What I enjoy most about painting is when it can give the person(s) looking at it different emotions, a sort of comfort for the viewer, regardless of what emotion that may be. I especially enjoy the fact that in today’s busy technology centered world, people can still come home and enjoy the simple things in life.

This work explores the intersections between history, material culture and symbolism. Specifically the narratives that have become obscured or lost over time. Assemblage works consist of worn and broken vintage and antique components that when placed together create unusual vignettes. Sometimes eerie and emotional, each piece has a short story to share.


Monte Wright is an internationally recognized artist.
In 2010 and 2011 his art has been shown in New York, N. Y.; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Florence, Italy; London, England; and Argentina.

Morgan Jones is a mixed-media artist, living and working in Toronto, Ontario. In August of 2013, Jones decided to pursue his lifelong passion and left his position of twelve years with a large multi-national consumer electronics manufacturer to launch a full-time career as a professional artist.

I'm a Toronto based artist, working primarily in oil painting. My style and technique are continuously evolving and are influenced by almost everything around me. My main inspiration and subject is nature - landscapes, florals, wildlife - both in studio and "en plein air".

Najma was born and raised in East Africa. She immigrated to Canada in 1974 - Toronto has been her home since. Prior to 2008, Najma taught in an elementary school in York Region. She now spends more time painting and traveling. She has exhibited in artist run and commercial galleries, and community projects in Toronto.

Short Artist Statement:
My painting is a free-wheeling, very subjective distillation of inner thoughts and feelings. I work in acrylic and mixed media. I have always been intrigued with the endless potential of non-objective painting. This type of painting challenges me with endless ways to convey thoughts, emotions and mood.


Nancy Joy Wilson, BID, BFA

Nehal Patel is an Abstract artist born in an Indian culture and heritage. She is a strong personality with a deep sense of ethics, currently living in Toronto, Canada.

Nick Biagini was born on June 27,1962 in Gioiosa Marea, Sicily. His parents immigrated to Toronto in 1967. Nick received a Bachelors degree from U of T in 1984 and a Bachelors of Education in 1990 and then a Masters of Education in 2000. As a teacher Nick taught his intermediate students how to paint landscapes and during this time reignited his love of art but particularly painting.

I am a Canadian artist based in Toronto, Ontario. My tools are oils and acrylics, palette knives and brushes, the indispensable paper towel and a curiosity to explore and distill what is perceived and felt.


Tunnel to the Moon #1

Local abstract artist

Immunity is intensified with a glow from a grandstand of presence.
Challenged by the unexpected, and led by desire for a goal to ultimately approach the unforgivable.
By not allowing barricades or authority that may cobalt the will to sustain any ambition…
This is a warrior of bravery.

Nikki Ialongo is a driven, passionate and eclectic fine artist with a unique approach to her blend of visual arts. Nikki is a proficient canvas painter, but she also uses other textures such as wood, as well as mediums as diverse as oil, water colours, acrylic paint as well as other materials that bring a lively and tangible quality to her works.

Nola offers work her clients treasure and then their children fight over.

I love Toronto and Torontonians! Originally from Lithuania, in Canada since '92. I have worked for the last ten years creating a successful children's theatre, which mounts 5 performances a year. I wear many hats, doing sets, props, installations, costume design, photos and video. In my own practice, I paint, do cartoons of cultural performances around town.

I'm a photographer from Argentina currently living in Toronto.

This profile is under construction. In the meantime you can visit my website or come to the art gallery this weekend to see my pictures in person. Look for "5 visions" in events. Thanks

Printmaking, Painting


Pat Rice’s work has a strong sense of mystery and depicts the strangeness within the
world of everyday life. Through his strong sense of colour and use of familiar places,
he shows a glimpse of life that is full of wonder and occasional humour. He has won
a number of awards and scholarships such as the G. A. Reid Scholarship, the Art

Based in Toronto, I am a landscape and abstract painter. In many ways, my paintings are an extended conversation about my life and experiences, reflecting the memories that have stayed with me


Patricia Whittingham is a Toronto based artist who has exhibited locally and internationally. When creating art she will work from notes, sketches, photographs and memory. In her art chance and accident are as important as planning and structure. Themes in her work include nature, identity and memory. She is inspired by many different aspects of life from the banal to the universal.

Patricio Gonzalez was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1972. Painting is his main medium but photography and decorative art are always present. Bold acrylic colours and non conventional collages are characteristics of his work.

Patti Waterfield worked at the Toronto Public Library while she attended Art School. In 2008 Patti decided to take stock of her life in Toronto and made the decision with her partner to live a life that concentrated on making art.
Patti and her partner re-located to Owen Sound in 2012, where she lives in a semi-wild location on the edge of town.

I am an abstract artist who works with acrylic, photography and found material on sculpted canvas.

My inspiration can come from anywhere. I have been intrigued by the moon and the night sky or the fluid motion of water. Or how the shadows fall to create intriguing shapes in the narrow streets of Florence. I look through the lens of a camera for the abstract in nature.

I have been scribbling on anything in front of me since I could . Whether a colouring book or a wall. In my later years I switched from crayon to spray paint. I was Green when it was just considered being cheap. It seemed an instinct to cobble together discarded bits and pieces... Sometimes they actually look good or are functional.


Born (1975) and raised in Kingston Ontario Canada, Paul Robert Turner attended the Ontario College of Art and Design (Toronto) from 1994 to 1998. Upon completion of the Drawing and Painting program, he then studied traditional drawing at the Michael John Angel Academy of Art.

I am me, I was born in Poland sometime in 1986. Moved to Toronto Canada with my family when I was seven and been here since. During my formative years I took high school art. Strangely it wasn't till years after my studies that I began focusing on creating content for the sake of art.


“Adapting a visual language of grotesque and satire, Barelkowski effectively confronts the rationalism of historical perspective with the absurdity of political powers that repeatedly throws humanity into the haunting dance macabre of war and annihilation.

Peter Marrack is a professional artist, writer, journalist, photogapher and filmmaker living in Toronto.


With my photos I attempt to combine my love of art history, photography, aesthetics and carpentry to create large atmospheric landscapes that evoke modern interpretations of the sublime, a term developed during the romantic period to describe the spiritual relationship between nature, time and the human soul.

Philip Hare works primarily with textiles, often incorporating them into installations. He is an active member of the Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts and will be mounting a solo show at Propeller gallery at 30 Abell Street, Toronto, in October, 2015.

(b. 1983) A classically-trained Artist currently attending the Toronto Academy of Realist Art in Toronto, Rana has always had a passion for expressing herself creatively from a very young age. She participated in her first art exhibit at 9 years old in Amman, Jordan, after attending private drawing lesson.


Randy Hryhorczuk is a contemporary Canadian visual artist born in Vancouver, British Columbia, 1974. He grew up in the rural countryside and later lived in city of Vancouver before moving to Toronto, Ontario in order to focus on oil painting.

Raquel Aurini was born in Hamilton, Ontario. From an early age, Raquel discovered her passion for the arts, particularly painting, and has pursued this passion ever since. Sensitive to her surroundings, she finds inspiration in everything from a crack in a stone, to the gentle curve of the human body. Every moment, exciting or mundane, offers beauty worth capturing.

Raven Crow is an Aboriginal/Metis spiritual healer, ceremony leader, and an artist. Raven also survived multiple strokes and seizures. She can be reached at or on her website

Ron Wild is a Canadian Digital- Art/Science Collaborator working in downtown Toronto. He believes that unless people ask, “but is it Art?” isn’t! As Science isn’t just for Scientists, Art isn’t just for Artists. Ron is an explorer in the Art and Science frontier, bridging the divide between the two.


Rebecca Langstaff's work primarily uses biomorphic abstraction to make tangible the energy which connects all life and existence. Images of her work still to be uploaded to this site.

Rebecca Last is a graduate of York University, BFA, University of Toronto, MA and has worked as artist and designer for over two decades. Her long term Rice Lake series Studies in Light & Energy is described as "abstracted realities... technically charged, visceral images of raw, unpredictable moments of environmental beauty".

"By painting on an electronic canvas, Renata Janiszewska allows the digitally connected to carry with them their own art gallery. Now, wherever you are, you can pull out your device and be refreshed, calmed, centered, by Janiszewska's bright and beautiful works."
Yann Martel, author of Life of Pi and Beatrice and Virgil


Richard paints scenes from stories he imagines inspired by everyday encounters with both humans and animals. Describing his work as Anthropomorphism and other musings in oil, he combines the traits and behaviors of animals with the common rituals of humans, exploring that which connects and separates us from them and from each other.

Richelle Forsey is Toronto based artist and photographer.

My vintage-style work is very identifiable! It is quite playful, mostly clever, slightly twisted, and often has a "pocket-sized" political edge. As a professional artist /entertainer /activist/smarty-pants, I am always looking for new ways to challenge and amuse! I have been painting full-time for nearly a decade.

The night time is a different time: behaviour changes, perception changes. We can leave the reality of the day behind, reflect on it, or hide from it. The night brings uneasiness, but it also brings possibilities.

If a picture paints a thousand words, then artists are very fortunate to convey so much on one piece of canvas. A painter may paint for a variety of reasons, but whatever the reason, we can unequivocally agree that the painter, through his or her works, will communicate something. We all have, or ought to have, a sense of responsibility to improve upon whatever we do in life.


Robert Quance is a Toronto-born, mixed-media visual artist. His work embraces experimental techniques and processes incorporating multi-layered and textured elements within a diverse range of practices and materials such as analog/digital photography, inkjet/laser/photocopier printing, painting, ephemera and textiles.

Roberto Centazzo studied graphic arts in Italy and worked in the printing industry for years before trading his digital world for the ancient art of mosaic making. Recently Roberto returned to his home in northern Italy to attend the century-old mosaic school Scuola Mosaicisti di Spilimbergo, inspired to create the mosaics that had filled his imagination as a child.

robin symmes is a versatile painter • working in mixed media primarily on mylar & yupo • informed her love of calligraphy • symmes’ focus is on drawing & mark-making • to simplify subjects to their essentials & spirit • influenced by gestural works by peel region artists: adrian dingle (1911-1974) and • themes in her recent collections reflect a love of orchids, trees,

Hello there!

I'm an illustrator and collector of all things cute.

My approach to work is fun, personal and charming. I enjoy combining cuteness with minimalism, appealing to all sentiments and ages. I begin with a trusty pen and sketchbook, then bring my black and white creations to life in forms ranging from vector images to adorable shirts and fun crafts.


Ross Bonfanti works mainly with found objects and manufactured materials from the urban landscape.


Ruby McInnis is a collection of sculptures by Carolanne MacLean. The work is figurative, modelled from life in firing clay.

Ruth has taken stills for National Film Board documentaries, photographed performers for Toronto’s Next Stage Theatre’s Festival productions, the Montreal and Toronto burlesque scene, the re-union of the original cast of Mama Mia, Fashion Art Toronto (FAT), and has exhibited her work in a variety of Toronto outdoor and juried gallery venues.

Hartman's paintings are intuitive expressionistic explorations, intended to capture a feeling, an imperfect memory or observation. Her photography is inspired by candid moments, random beauty, or travel. Series work is often figuratively based, sometimes with obscured faces, back views or the "no face" motif.

Ruth Jean Silver has been making surreal collage since she can remember. She holds bachelor's degree in fine arts from McMaster and a master's from the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Born and raised in Toronto, Ruthia studied art at the Toronto School of Art (1996) and York University specializing in painting and drawing (BFA 2000) also participating in an art exchange in Newcastle, England (1999). She has since been painting and exhibiting her work in Toronto. For her, the dynamics of colour, shape and line echo the inner dynamics of being human.


Photographer, Scientist, Inventor—Some Say Mad

Ryan Watson is a visual artist based in Toronto since 1999. His work began with abstract painting and mixed media and now includes abstract expressionist photography. He shoots urban and industrial images throughout the Greater Toronto Area while working in the film industry.

Salah Khosravi is a self-educated artist residing in Richmond Hill, Ontario. His passion for drawing, painting and photography began at his early teen.

I am a Toronto-based artist who was raised in Bogotá, Colombia where I received my degree in Architecture and Design.

Samantha Williams-Chapelsky completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Alberta in 2009, with distinction, majoring in painting and art history.

Sandra Tarantino, born 1973, is a resident of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, received a Bachelor of Fine Arts through Ontario College of Art and Design and participated in the off-campus Florence (Italy) program.

Toronto based artist, Sann Sann Lam, creates abstract painting that vibrate with colourful energy. Recently featured on the cover of Style at Home magazine, her pieces add impact to a space. She holds degrees in Fine Art from the University of Waterloo and Interior Design from Ryerson.


Sarah Phelps is someone who doesn’t shy away from challenges. She takes risks. Pushes herself outside of her comfort zone. She is a subtle mix of creativity and nature. Strength and courage. Talent and determination. And all of these attributes come through in her art.

Born in Canada from Jamaican immigrants Saranad's interest in photography began at a young age.

Sari Zon is a Toronto abstract artist. Her work is an exploration of colour, texture and form using the encaustic medium. Her practice, by its nature, is measured and disciplined; each layer must be thoroughly fused to the layer beneath it to ensure that the paintings remain intact.

Savannah Farrell is a visual artist based in Toronto, Canada. She is a graduate of Rosedale Heights School of the Arts and is completing her BFA at OCAD University now. She maintains membership at CARFAC Ontario as well.

I'm an artist, photographer and entrepreneur from Toronto. I've shown work in a half dozen group shows this past year and will be having my debut solo art exhibition September 5th called Aimless.

Scott M2 (Scott McGregor Moore) is the founder of Canadian electronic soundscape project dreamSTATE. Deeply rooted in the concepts of ambient music, Scott has initiated a series of investigations into the possibilities of ambient film and related multimedia to induce a slower, subtler relationship with time and space.


My name is Sean Hacker Teper, and I am a proud Canadian looking to make the world a better place through conservation and awareness. I graduated from Boston University with a degree in marine science, whilst teaching myself photography along the way. I plan to continue my studies at graduate school next year. When I am not taking photos, I am playing sports or dominating Scrabble games.

Sean Robert MacPherson uses the influence of industrial design and ideas from Art Nouveau to create anthropomorphic paintings of furniture. His work tells the story of disposable lifestyles of furniture left behind by its owners; abandonment.

For Canadian Artist Seonaid Ross, the creation of her colourful expressionistic landscapes is a journey of personal discovery. Inspired by both European and Canadian Impressionists works, Ross creates brilliantly colourful, lively depictions of familiar places ,rich with light,texture and form.

The tension between representational and abstract, and what emerges from it, is what interests me. Working primarily in the areas of painting and photography, themes of renewal, nature and home organically emerge as patterns in my work.


Sharon Helleman is a Toronto based artist who has been exhibiting her work at various galleries and shows in the Toronto area. A graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, Sharon focuses on urban landscape painting.


Ruttonsha searches for imagery that reflects atmosphere, mood and instills a sense of place and timelessness. Embracing and evocative, these paintings convey the natural human craving for both protection and liberation.

Sheela Thadane ( aka Sheila Thadani) completed her studies at Elphinstone College with a Bachelor of Arts and has been painting in Oils for many years. She has exhibited her art at several exhibitions and is a member of many of Toronto art clubs and organizations.

Sheila Thompson is a Toronto-based fibre artist. Her medium is exclusively fibre and organic materials infused into a felt using wet felting techniques. She earned a Ph.D. in biogeography and studied plant distributions and vegetation in Africa, the Caribbean and North America.

Through a practice that shifts between drawing and painting, and slowly drifting into other mediums, my work is an exploration into the dynamic and intertwined relationship between “humanity” and the animal. Subject matter is drawn from past experiences of growing up in Northern Ontario and a study of cultural myths/fables.

Sheryll Venzon | SHERVENZ is a Toronto-based multimedia artist.

"There are no limitations to the medium I choose to incorporate into my work; while some are traditional art and crafting materials, others are manifested digitally, and the rest are entirely mundane objects unexpectedly used in a particular given space."


Shirin Divanbeigi is an artist and educator based in Toronto. Born in Tehran, she holds her visual art diploma from CTS. Her works reflects on the restrictions of the Middle East towards women and their role in society. Her art driven from her extreme personal life reaches to the heart of the viewer and touches a collective pain.

Sook Chang is a self-taught artist, primarily working in oil.

She often employs bold colours and brush strokes in a post-impressionistic manner. She is heavily influenced by impressionism and the great Canadian artist, Tom Thomson.

Stan Olthuis is an award winning Canadian artist exhibiting and collected privately and corporately in Canada, USA, Mexico, France and Japan. Stan graduated with Special Mention from OCAD's Experimental Art Program. He lives and works in Toronto exploring energy, gesture and time through drawing, mixed painting, and other mediums. Commissions accepted.

Irish-born Stanley Feldman currently lives and works in Toronto. He has been painting and exhibiting professionally for almost 50 years.

Photography is about the exploration of the unknown, to go further and to trek to rare places never before photographed. Photography is about an individual's unique vision, something they comprehend to create original artwork. Photography is about experiencing nature at its grandest and becoming one with the environment.

Stella Grayson is an emerging artist from Toronto, Canada. Grayson works with resin, inks, and pigments to create her unique artwork. Her inspiration comes from how she views the world. The way she sees the world is with different types of grey while adding colors to it. Her paintings are the same. Grayson's work is primarily based on the colors she sees throughout the world.

A keen observer of the human condition, with a constant fascination of the human form, it is no wonder that my creations evolve around the human body, whether in the form of fashion illustration and design, portraiture, fine art or my signature fabric tapestries.

Stephen Lai was born in Hong Kong in 1960. He has a diploma in surface design/print from the Ontario College of Art.


The work presented here was inspired by work I did in 2006. Those images, called 'Fragments of Light', were expressions of the abstract forms to be found in the reality of reflections in the canals of Burano.

Steven is a baby boomer rock n roll enthusiast. He is self taught exploring many mediums most recently hand cut collage , digital art and photography.

From a technical standpoint, Steven Volpe’s paintings are rooted in the realist tradition; however, it is the thought-provoking and often enigmatic qualities beneath the surface that place his work in the arena of contemporary art.

I look to capture the essence of that space as it exists and capture its mood in portrait. There is a single line which divides the urban landscape from the sky. The shapes cut by the wires and cast shadows are what catch my attention and in turn are the principle subjects of my paintings.

I was born and raised in Toronto, but I have not always been an artist. It was only after many years in the financial services sector, that I decided that it was time to fulfill a lifelong dream of mine. I had always wanted to study art, so I decided to quit my job and go to art school fulltime. My art is driven by colour and intuition and I paint in an abstract style.

Using any and all torn bits of paper that I find-- from junk mail to handmade fibres, I build sensuous Gaudi-like texture reminiscent of bubbles, primordial soups, magnetic energy, or nerve endings. Incorporated too, are pieces of text in many languages, found papers, and treasured family ephemera.

Memories, emotions, colour and light from various landscapes are an underlying current in my work.
Influenced by the vast wealth and history of landscape painting, I strive to insert my interpretations of various natural images and landscapes into the mix.

The art of Suzanne Walsh is primarily abstract/non-representational work exploring the darkness and the light of the internal psyche.

Suzanne uses colour intuitively while constantly exploring techniques, mediums and materials which influence the outcome of her imaginative process.

Through my intaglio, monotype prints and mixed media works I strive to convey my fascination with the natural world; its strength and beauty while drawing attention to the imperfections and impermanence inherent in all living things. My recent work has been an examination of pieces of the whole; inclusion, exclusion and difference.

Tara draws from her childhood memories of impossible worlds made tangible by her imagination and connectedness to nature.

Tascha graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1997. In 2000 she began her career as a self representing artist selling her paintings to collectors all over the world via the internet. This has been her main focus since 2000. She has appeared in numerous American mixed media art magazines.


Teri Donovan is a Canadian painter based in Toronto. Her practice incorporates a variety of drawing and painting media and is concerned with everyday paradoxes that shape awareness, thoughts, and behaviours. Her work explores themes related to perception and memory, human relationships, and the impact of time on personal and cultural identity.

What I paint is Abstract Organic Form, or maybe Abstract Surrealism.
In my more delusional moments I believe that what I am doing is important. In reality, I do what I do because I enjoy the challenge, the process and the results.
All else seems beyond my control.

I am a Canadian artist living in Toronto. It's a big bustling city but a calm oasis follows me everywhere. I see paintings wherever I go.

Tibi Hegyesi is an established visual artist with a Master degree in Fine Arts whose works are featured in reputable galleries, art fairs and art magazines from around the world. His paintings are on display in numerous private and corporate collections in North America, Europe and the Far East.

Tina Karpenchuk is a contemporary mixed media artist based in Bowmanville, Ontario. Tina is very experimental in her work and is continuously exploring a wide range of techniques and multi-disciplinary approaches to communicating her ideas and emotions.


Emerging photographer focusing on the urban landscape.


Tom is an award winning photographer. His work covers a range of projects from architecture and built form through to the conceptual use of found images.

Since 2010 Tom has presented his work in a wide variety of shows.

This collection of work is a reflection on world economic forums, debates, and G summit series and how they undermine democracy and often lead to violently disrupting the civilians and cities in which they are hosted.

Torin Craig is an emerging young artist who lives in Toronto. He is currently pursuing a post secondary degree in the arts. His wide range of style and mediums provide for a multitude of original works. While his focus is primarily on abstract pieces, he enjoys creating artworks of all kinds. In addition to his work in Toronto, he is also available for commissions in Collingwood.


Vasile Ghiuta is a well known Canadian abstract painting artist born in Romania and has artworks exhibited here in Canada - in private and public exhibitions - and abroad, and also in some private collections.

He was published on AQM Art Book "First Masters Edition 2017" in San Francisco -and currently is living and working in Toronto.



From an early age photography has always been a passion of mine .The creative process was intriguing to me as well as the power to capture a moment in time. Photography was more than black and white, it was being able to see in colour. We have a responsibility in this world to record and expose the beauty as it is.

Originally from Nigeria, He is a self taught graphic artist and illustrator. He uses unorthodox forms to express reality. Techniques such as photography, illustration, logo design and drawing are used to paint vivid pictures. Working in digital and print, he is able to reveal the details in the moment. Currently works as a freelance illustrator in Toronto, Canada.

I am an artist who is trying different methods to express yourself with painting. I am not following instructions on how it should be done, i am following my feelings, trust and painting. I like to paint from the pictures to express the reality in more color way, to make the reality more easy, understandable and bright.

Anna Zinato is a painter, sculptor and multimedia artist based in Toronto and Venice.