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Launched in 2013, TorontoART is an independent, ad-free online hub that promotes Toronto art and artists by giving the public an easy-to-navigate portal into Toronto’s vibrant visual arts scene.

We know that many people are interested in local art but don’t know where to start, and the art world can seem an intimidating place to those who are new to it. This is why, in addition to browsable artist and event listings, TorontoART publishes resources on all types of visual art, as well as art buying.

We aim to empower members of the public to develop a personal sense of taste and feel knowledgeable and secure in making an art investment on any budget. Our key partners in this educational initiative are the local tastemakers and experts: Toronto’s gallerists.

The other side of the public-artist connection is Toronto’s artists. We help artists build their art-enthusiast base through TorontoART profile pages as well as several promotional initiatives, including our In the Studio interviews and Roaming Art Gallery program.

Artists, galleries, and art service providers who identify Toronto as their main art hub promote their work on TorontoART through a low-cost membership, which comes with additional members-only resources. For artists, galleries and art service providers looking for more on the benefits of TorontoART membership, as well as the sign up process, please see our Membership section. For inquiries not answered in our Membership section or FAQ , feel free to contact us.

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As a new service we know we will have various components that will need improvement over time and welcome your comments in building a better set of services for both our membership and the art community overall.
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