Alejandro Reyes-Andreu

I was born in the revolutionary Havana of 1982 into what was perceived as a prosperous and just society, which soon after the Berlin wall fell and the Soviet Union collapsed, turned into a desperate and fierce version of itself that is still struggling to survive. I grew up in that context, with dualism, and a surreal’ lifestyle. My vision and Art reflects such formation.

As an autodidact, I produced almost all of my art and defined the concepts, styles and aesthetics that would remain pure through my university years at the University of Arts In Havana. Before the University I only took workshops and courses in many areas like Contemporary Art, Photography and Drawing; plus throughout mi professional experience and its influences, I did sculpture, paints and drawings, installation, photography and conceptual art.

Likewise, I began my career as Art Director and Set Decorator for five years and counting, reaching also positions like Production Designer and Co-Director for TV