Driven, meticulous and fascinated by textures, Arlette Ngung is known for her exceptional eye for construction details.
Arlette's passion for fabrics, fit and colours enables her to create three dimensional viable design.
Her love for textures and shapes usually triggers in her a whole creative process, whether it be from the vibrant streets or even a gourmet platter rich in textures and flavour. Arlette's background also plays a tremendous part in her inspiration, from the colourful prints and historical culture of beautiful Eastern and Central Africa. Those feelings and sensations translate into her art as delicate intricate details.
Arlette has created static visual display objects from unconventional materials, textures and shapes for luxury brands visual merchandising. That’s where she developed a keen eye and interest for the merging world of fashion textile and art – an exciting unison she has set out to explore through her own textile art practice.