Anna Clarey

Anna Clarey paints large joyful acrylic canvases that are characterized by her use of vibrant colour and dramatic lights and darks. She favours acrylics because they are bold and fast drying, allowing her to work quickly and spontaneously, using layers to highlight the contrasts of sunlight and shadow.

Anna draws most of her inspiration from her travels and camping trips in Northern Ontario. Algonquin Park is a special source of inspiration and she tries to get up there every year. When she does, she takes hundreds of photographs. Then, working from her photographs, recreates and interprets her vision onto canvas in her home studio.

Anna is represented by Koyman Galleries in Ottawa, Dimension Gallery in Toronto, Pine Cliff Gallery in Bracebridge and King Street Gallery in Niagara on the Lake. She also sells her work through commissions, solo and group shows and from her home studio. She is a member of The Beach Guild of Fine Art and The Beach Studio Tour in Toronto.