Ariane Laezza

A graduate from the University of Toronto with a specialist degree in Visual Culture and Communication, Ariane has had a long-time obsession with the visual world; how colour, shape, content, design, photography, art, fashion, nature and advertising affect our human condition. As a fashion model for over a decade, Ariane takes her experiences in front of the camera in what she believes to be an industry run by male-driven, predetermined standards of beauty and attempts to highlight her subjects` uniqueness and natural beauty in a simple and honest manner - as seen from a female perspective. Throughout her work, Ariane explores the concept of beauty; a concept that changes throughout culture, class and time, yet holds women everywhere to its arbitrary standards. Nothing exemplifies this better than the iconic Barbie Doll. Through her series of Barbie portraits, Ariane strives to capture a feeling of quiet resignation from these silent, plastic subjects.