Mixed Media and found object sculpture:

The forgotten of this world are my inspiration. For me, the process of creating emerges from a reverence for all animate and inanimate beings, especially for society’s misfits and rejects. I practice visual democracy: I believe that everything has a place and a purpose, and my works create a home for items that have lost their way.

For years I have been an obsessive collector of debris. I am continuously scanning the ground and scavenging parking lots, sidewalks, subway platforms and ditches for lost treasures. The rusty metal, branches, papers, and discarded or dropped items have become the raw material for my sculptures.

I strive to create art pieces that have many levels of meaning. My works portray the disregarded in new contexts by exploring the use of relationship, contrast, and duality.

I hope that the viewer will gain a new perspective on their traditional and preconceived definitions of what is deemed “useful” or “worthy”