Roberto Janz ( Beto Janz ) was born in Curitiba/Brazil in 1981.

Since I was a kid I have been immersed in rock'n'roll, horror movies and skateboarding. The underground universe has always been part of my lifestyle and work. I think my art depicts ingredients of this universe. It was precisely rock'n'roll that influenced me to have a do-it-yourself mindset.

My main commitment is to myself and to my high expectations about my work. It doesn't mean it is easier to create. Actually, it is harder because I am my worst enemy. I can be happy with a result, but I am never completely satisfied. This helps me keep improving my art and myself.

My artworks consist of things I would like to see or own myself. My motivation is bringing to life these ideas and dreams, and going through new experiences, techniques and processes. I learn and enjoy every moment as I craft my art, as though it was the last thing I am doing.

Living inToronto since 2014.