Blair Mueller

White starlight, or sunlight, is actually a spectrum of all colours, as seen when the speed of light is slowed by a prism, separating the colours and making a rainbow. The way we observe nature is no less fantastic. When light shines down from the sun and hits the earth, every material thing on earth will absorb certain rays of light and reflect the rest back out into space. Those reflected rays of coloured light are how we perceive the colour of an object. A red cardinal is not really red, it’s every colour except red.

I like to play with this idea in my art by mixing up the colours of nature and making something just as beautiful, using just my fingers, and paints that are not really the colours we think they are!

Blair Mueller is an Ontario born artist whose art has taken him to the stars and back, quite literally, as the fascination of starlight and how we perceive the world through light has inspired his most recent body of acrylic finger painting.