Bret Culp

The transitory nature of existence binds everything in the material world. Careful observation reveals the beauty within each fleeting moment. -Bret Culp

Bret Culp's haunting black and white photographs convey the beauty of impermanence, the central theme of his work. Through his diverse travels Bret seeks scenes of a transitory nature. From the ruins of Ireland, to a 9000-year-old cave town in southern Italy, to the mist-covered hills of Tuscany during the Autumn harvest – his poetic vision is akin to scenes from a film. It should then not be a surprise that Bret is also a Director and award-winning Visual Effects Supervisor, recently acting as second unit director and Visual Effects Supervisor on The Tudors, for which he has received two Best Visual Effects Gemini Awards and two more nominations over the four year run of the show.