Cathy Hunt

I have recently returned to the figure after years of exploration in the abstract realm. My muse the organic form and the human form are of the same essence; they both spring from the nurturing earth and there is joy to be found luxuriating in their curvaceous forms and following them through the darkness and into the light. The narrative thread that underpins my work alludes to our interconnection with nature - the Great Mother, and the archetypes of retreat, decay and re-birth.

I am a Toronto-based artist who works out of Walnut Studios in Toronto. I hold a BA in Motion Picture Studies from Ryerson and studied for 4 years at the Toronto School of Art. In 2006 my painting, Collective Interaction, travelled the province celebrating Visual Art Ontario’s 30th anniversary. I have been an Ontario Arts Council Artist in Education working with elementary students discovering the connections between music and visual art. My work is held in collections across Canada, New Mexico and Italy.