Chad Coombs

Growing up in Saskatoon, a small conservative city in the middle of Canada, artist Chad Coombs was forced to work around the fact people were not willing to pose for him out of fear of being recognized. In the early parts of his career, Coombs would work around this with the use of rubber animal masks (Trophies) or collaged pieces of multiple faces (Polaroids), creating unrecognizable portraits and images. In 2014, Coombs took this one step further. Creating anonymous abstract nudes, reminiscent of Irving Penn's Earthly Bodies, Coombs manages to create catalog like images of the female figure as if it were furniture photographed by Richard Avedon. Stripping away the sexuality and resulting in abstract forms where the body is only the material, Coombs has created sculptures by the way of the photographic medium. One could ask whether Coombs in fact is a photographer, or rather an artist who simply uses the camera to capture the mediums he works

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