Dan Murphy

https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/danmurphyartonEtsy Dan is a self-taught artist working in Toronto, Canada, born in Ottawa, in 1960. He began painting in watercolours in 1988, then acrylics and recently has been painting mainly in oils. Through years of exploration and development, he has become a skilled technician as a painter. His journey continues with his evolution as an artist. For his recent work he has arrived at a painting style that he feels will eloquently express some of the imagery seen in his thoughts and dreams.
“I’m now focusing on creating images composed of extraordinary objects, creatures and situations. I hope my work will resonate with some of the wonder I have while observing the world around me. I want to stimulate curiosity, evoke questions, begin conversations. To cause the exhilaration and inspiration I have at the moment the idea for a painting appears in my mind."