Deborah Kanfer

People still have difficulty relating photography to art. Deborah's work prides itself on challenging these notions and conventions, specifically through experimentation and chance.
Through traditional analogue photographic practices, there are no limits. The photographic medium is like a time machine; it’s the only way for anyone to bring time to a halt, a captured moment in time is preserved and a forced state of entropy descends upon that particular moment.

Through her work, she challenges conventions through various experimentation methods. She attempts to reinvent a nostalgia by recreating lost moments and restoring them. It’s like she's painting with light and revealing a hidden language that would not have surfaced otherwise. It’s not just about capturing that moment, it’s not just art. It’s a state of meditation and euphoria, tapping into a metaphysical entity but never quite reaching a finite resolution. The exploration is infinite and all consuming. It's powerful.