Dragica Vidakovic

Dragica Vidakovic first studied Illustration at Sheridan College. She then pursued her arts studies at OCAD, in print making, silk screening and more specifically fabric design.
Combining her love for design and sculpture, her work has evolved and taken on a style that is incredibly strong, both emotionally and physically.
While studying at Sheridan, a professor once made the remark “you draw like a sculptor”.
As an artist, Dragica approaches her work as an athlete would prepare for competition, with discipline and practice. But her sensibility, skill and clarity bring out the raw beauty.

In my world, drawing is all about capturing the moment , the gesture, and getting into the soul.
“A lot of time is spent getting into the zone, clearing the path, getting rid of the noise. Then it comes fast and I lay down the main line quickly and boom it happens. It is all about the moment, the light and timing”.