Elena Stroganova

Born in Moscow, Russia, in a family of a famous mosaic artist Leonid Stroganov. Being in collage art for more than 11 years now. Moved to Toronto in April 2006, had exhibitions in both Toronto and New York.
Collage - joyful, bright, magical art, full of new forms and colors, a combination of traditional images and those that hardly can exist. Collage helps to have a closer look at the surrounding world, to see something unusual in it and re-discover the extraordinary richness of the Universe and the human imagination. Collage art is officially considered to be born in China, was developed in the Medieval Europe and takes its name from French "coller" meaning to glue. In an age of powerful software and digital forms, I am still working with traditional paper materials as a collage artist. In this art its all important - color, mix, idea, ability to convey mood and express feelings. Books of "Self-Help Emergency Room" series are illustrated with my collages only.