Elizabeth Stanton

Elizabeth Stanton is a photographer and long time Toronto resident, originally from Liverpool, UK.
When she bought her first camera it gave her the drive to explore her surroundings even more than she had, and with a more deliberate eye. In the early stages of Liverpool's long journey of regeneration from a city in decline she took pictures of the Albert Dock which still showed the ravages of World War 2 bombing campaigns, as it was finally set for the redevelopment that's turned it into the tourist hub it is today. This was her world.
There's a lot to be seen in the world around us. There's always a story to be told, whether you're looking at flourishing green fields or old abandoned buildings. These are thoughts that influence Elizabeth's approach to how she make images. She specializes in creative photography, with an emphasis on landscapes. These can be urban, rural, familiar and not so familiar, from abstract to scenic.