Ezio S Molinari

Ezio Molinari, the first-generation son of two Italian immigrants, was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Ezio studied photography (stills) at Ryerson graduating in 1991. Upon graduation he worked his way towards becoming a commercial photographer by way of taking on various photography related jobs including working at a photographic supplier, as well as assisting and managing a studio. His subsequent successes have garnered him work with clients such as Ford Canada, Tim Hortons, Volvo, Ontario Tourism, Delta Hotels and Better Food Concepts to name a few.

I believe everyone needs a creative outlet removed from everything else. A personal form of expression. Anything from painting, writing, singing, carving etc. which lets a person get in touch with their personal/creative style. Nobody has to see any of it but once in a while something reverberates and begs to be shared.