frances ferdinands

Sri-Lankan born, Frances Ferdinands is painter, educator, and classical pianist. She recently re-located her studio practice from Toronto to the beautiful Northumberland Hills, north of Port Hope. For 3 decades she has participated in solo and group shows in such diverse locales as Paris, Honolulu, Bogota, and across Canada and the USA. Her work may be found in museum, corporate, and private collections, and has been featured in 2 art texts - ReThinking Acrylic, and Acrylic Innovation. Most of her paintings have been created in thematically based series. War, Isolation, Loss, the intersection of High Fashion and Fine Art, are some of her subjects.
Most recently she has embarked on a new direction into the world of Abstraction. Deliberately allowing these works to unfold in an organic way, allowing the materials, process and unorthodox tools take on a leading role. In listening to the painting, it is giving rise to bold colors and rich textures dancing across a nuanced surface.