Gaya Karapetyan

Gaya is an award-winning international contemporary abstract artist from Toronto. A recipient of numerous art awards and an author of several art publications, Gaya exhibits in Americas, Europe and Asia. Her abstract paintings are proudly held in a number of private collections.
Creation through the abstract art is the sublime freedom of expression. To be an artist means to Gaya to gain that ultimate and sought-after freedom. With the power of colour, she captures the beauty of landscapes, light refractions, mysterious fluctuations of water, texture of flowers, and deviational patterns of a moving form. Gaya's paintings not only convey her admiration with nature but also embrace the realities of life and surrounding world through the lens of our aspirations towards freedom, emotional strength and resurgence.
Music is that powerful source of inspiration which induces profound emotions, plays on the strings of imagination and culminates in a refined creativity of Gaya's artwork.