Gordon Stamper

My paintings are part spontaneous intuitive explorations. I spend as much time scraping away and pushing paint around as adding paint to the canvas. I seldom work with brushes preferring to work with drywall scrapers and other objects for applying the paint and for removing it after various stages of drying. This introduces an element of “surprise” in revealing unintended effects of texture and colour and the need to decide which effects are relevant. I find it’s necessary to “go too far” and then “bring it back” removing elements until I find a cohesive structure. In this way I’m not forcing myself on the painting, not demanding that it be as I intend it to be. I’m allowing the painting to take me to where it should go. The “painting”, is a terminus of the exploration process, like arriving at an island in an ocean of possibilities it’s a place to regroup and assess the value of the journey, a new starting point. “Art” is what happens between departure and arrival.