Gregg Allan McGivern


Gregg Allan McGivern is a Toronto based, prolific, visual artist that experiments with many different forms of substrates, materials and mediums to create art. He has various styles from traditional watercolours; abstract/semi-abstract and impressionistic paintings to fine life renderings. At 46, five years ago, after being a student of meditation and esoteric teachings, Gregg had a spiritual awakening that brought out his creativity. He then realized he was not happy in the corporate world and made some major life changes that led him into the world of art. He is an outsider, self-taught artist and considers himself as a serial painter as he usually creates 5 to 10 paintings in a group. He has sold art to collectors locally, in Europe, Russia and the Middle East. He is an active member of Gallery 1313, Workman Arts, Saatchi On-Line Galleries and founded “The Toronto ART Collective FB Group.