Hanna Ruminski

Hanna Ruminski was born and educated in Poland. She received Master's degree from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts (1975-80).Since 1981 she has resided in Canada.
Hanna is a participant in many exhibitions and her artwork is found in numerous corporate and private collections in Canada, USA, South Korea and throughout Europe. Since 2003 she is represented at the prestigious International Art Fair "Art Toronto".
Ruminski's expressionist images are balancing between abstract and figuration, capturing energy, spontaneity and density drawn from the urban landscapes.
She expresses herself through layers of images, colours, texture, scribbles and letter-like marks in mixed media on canvas.
Reoccurring presence of letters, writing and notes in Ruminski's art, draws attention to absence of humanism as expressed in the handwriting in personal communication, in the midst of technological social networks.
Hanna lives and works in Toronto.