Helena Wehrstein

Helena Wehrstein is a textile & mixed media artist. Breathing new life into old stuff is her passion: stuff that is unused, unwanted, discarded. She reclaims, reuses, recycles, upcycles stuff from friends, yard sales, the street, second-hand stores, her basement...wood, electronics, cables, bits and pieces of junk.
Her relationship with this stuff is ambivalent: appalled by the over-consumption and planned obsolescence that produces it, but at the same time inspired and excited by the art possibilities of stuff that would normally be chucked out in our society. She enjoys taking things apart to discover the treasures within.
With raw materials collected, she loves playing with colour, shape, texture, exploring different techniques to create moods and to express her ideas in both playful and serious ways. Sometimes she likes to make art just for the hell-of-it, but doesn't seem very able to keep her environmental and social concerns out of her work!!