Hoda Zarbaf

Hoda Zarbaf is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist, who uses recycled textiles, pre-owned clothing, old toys and found objects to make figurative sculptures.

The use of various old crochets, used socks or pre-owned T-shirts in her work – along with traditional folk practice of felting and patching – brings a palpable level of intimacy to these sculptures. This correspondingly extols the conceptions of memory and past, which have been constant infatuations of the artist.

The woman is always in the center and in solitude in Hoda's work. She must deal with the heap of sentiments: memory, pain, pleasure, sexuality or self-obsession. Hoda shows these women in different roles or states of being; whether she’s vulgar, maternal or cartoonish, she is nevertheless engaged in a lively act of releasing. And this sacred act is what defines her and puts her in a position of reverence.