Janice Tayler

My mixed media compositions are made of oil paint, newspaper and found objects. They refer directly to urban decay and the environment. I maintain that only through abstraction can the viewer tap into their unconscious and access the sublime in their imagination. In the past I created a body of work concentrating on contrasting textures such as cardboard, plastic, cigarette butts, twine, earth, sand nail clippings, pieces of bark and twigs. Presently I am using images from photographs and drawings of the devastation of the urban landscape from natural disasters, architectural skeletal structures such as unfinished construction or demolished sites, partly finished bridges, abandoned and decaying industrial sites. These images I juxtapose with images of organic, abstracted rocks, roots, trees and water.
I loosely base my compositions on that of classical landscape painting with the positioning of forms carefully placed to present a harmonious, balanced and timeless visual aesthetic.