Jennifer Smithwell

Jennifer Smithwell paints directly from nature she can soak in the feelings of the place-the warm glow, the rich colors and feelings.Using oils and acrylic paint outside means you have to paint quickly to catch the light and this encourages a spontaneity that is more successful in catching fleeting moments.

She loves to capture the glow and intensity of light. She studied with Camille Przwodek , who studies for year with Henry Hensche, who inherited the Cape Cod school from Charles Hawthorne. This colorist school of art is based on the way Money used color to show light.

Jennifer usually paints within the city limits, but the conservation areas, ravines and community gardens provide lots of opportunities to explore the urban forest. These pockets of nature vibrate with a warmth and depth that feels like a world outside and parallel to the usual urban stress. She also competes in Plein air competitions regularly
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