Julia Hacker

Julia Hacker is Russian born mixed media artist. Since 1990 she resides and works in Toronto, Canada.
Julia always enjoyed the decorative aspect of collage, playing an optical illusions, tricks on the viewer, where is one left wondering.
In the majority of her work Julia Hacker uses paper, found objects and paint. Her inspiration often comes from training as a fashion designer. When she reads magazines she is looking for “something with a little punch, that arouses curiosity or starts a conversation, like a guilty pleasure.”
Provocative items, like stiletto heels, strands of pearls, or sometimes the memory of a popular song become an idea for a collage or painting.
She is marrying fashion and art, using vintage images, cut outs from modern fashion magazines and paint creating "collage paintings".
In the last 5 years, Julia Hacker exhibited her mixed media work localy and internationaly through venues like Art Expo Toronto, The Artist Project and Art Expo N.Y.