Kanchan Raste

Born in Pune, India, Kanchan Raste holds a Master’s Degree in Chemistry and Software Engineering. Growing up, Kanchan, who also goes by the name of Chaitrali, which means “Arrival of Spring”, was influenced by the rich cultural heritage of her country. The colors, textures, seasons, sounds and smells inspired her on every step of the way to express herself through her art. While Indian Classical Music and Yoga are also 2 of her other passions, fine arts has remained her chosen medium for expressing herself.
Kanchan specializes in mixed media and combines them together to bring out her true expressions on paper. Many of her paintings are abstract in nature, though her art is strongly inspired by seasons and surroundings. Kanchan uses vividly contrasting colors and hues which unveil the story behind each painting beautifully.