Karola Steinbrecher

Fine Art Acrylics, www.karola.ca

Karola Steinbrecher is a Canadian fine art painter based in Toronto. Her award winning pieces are lively and expressive, delivered in very intense colors, on exciting, rich backgrounds. Karola’s work is very modern and contemporary, putting a fresh new approach on traditional abstract and floral depictions.

She exhibits frequently in galleries, group and solo shows and exhibitions, and is a member of artist leagues and her art has been purchased to private and corporate collections in Canada, the U.S.A and Europe.

Artist Statement: "My work most often explores the relationship between colour and nature and even in my abstract work I tend to be influenced by natural rhythms and forms. Ever since I was a young student I have been fascinated by finding texture and vibrancy of any scene and translating that to the canvas. My simple goal is to have any viewer get as lost in enjoying that message as I do and thus bringing a little nature indoors."