Kathryn O'Neill

Kathryn O'Neill is a Canadian Surrealist painter.

Educated at McGill University in Montreal, O'Neill earned a B. Ed. Major in Fine Arts. Extensive travel provided ample influence for her works. Her acrylic on canvas paintings currently reflect Surrealism blended with Modernist elements. Color is used to evoke an emotional response, while a detailed style heightens the dream-like effect of images.

O'Neill states of her latest works:
“I continue to want to express natural beauty in my art through light and colour, but feel the need to add increasing layers of depth and meaning. Symbolic elements and almost subliminal images express the deep complexity of nature - a complexity that currently baffles the greatest scientists of our time. The cause of the Big Bang remains a mystery, as do sub-atomic particles, dark energy, and human consciousness. Yet here we are. It's surreal!

Kathryn O’Neill resides in Toronto , where she paints and teaches Visual Arts.