Kelsey Auger

Kelsey Auger has been creating since she can remember - crafts, drawing, painting, and writing, etc.-an artist at heart since a young age. She studied Visual Arts, Communications, and Interior Decorating in school.
Her artistic style emerged in university where she began to identify as an impressionistic styled artist. Kelsey has been drawn to painting African animals, usually depicted in a quiet, contemplative manner, as opposed to the ferociousness that people might expect. This work tends to be an observation of our own introspection and ways we might relate to animals in the wild.
Kelsey works mostly with oils and create dynamic movement in her paintings through varying strokes using brushes, palette knives, and a wash or "dripping" technique.
"I believe that art is to be felt and not necessarily explained. I paint what I can't always explain in words. I feel accomplished when my work creates a feeling in someone else that is hard to express, but is understood in the heart."