Leah Rainey

Leah Rainey's paintings explore the ground between latent memories, images and thoughts.
Working from images that are found, Rainey uses a reductive process of editing to explore the visual space around and between things. She observes and reveals that which is often overlooked. In viewing her work, the details we unconsciously register, return to us.

Colour in Rainey's paintings is chosen intuitively, dictated by properties literal or imagined. The application of paint itself is descriptive. Reworking of the surface celebrates the incidental traces of residual marks. Thin veils of colour are contrasted by thick impasto layers creating a collaged tension between the physical surface and abstract imagery.
The physical presence of her paintings, have a breathable content that can successfully expand and contract in scale.

Leah Rainey received her BA (hons) from Chelsea College of Art in London (UK). She currently lives in Toronto.