Lori Ryerson

The majority of Lori Ryerson’s life/work experiences have revolved around communications in some fashion. Initially, it was through the performing arts, later through the written word. In 2010, she returned to school to learn photography. Lori’s doesn’t usually set out with a preconceived shot in her mind, seeking a specific arrangement of things. She prefers to find random alignments that convey a story to her. Lori looks for the narrative in urban landscapes, detailing fading echoes of lives lived. She watches for little mysteries in commonplace occurrences. She travels to places that fill her with awe and wonder at the planet, reminding how, in the grand scheme of things, humans occupy little significance in the face of Mother Nature’s timeline. Add 16 years of studying flying trapeze, a dollop of travel adventures in North and Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa; and there you have all the ingredients for Lori’s photo formula.