Lorraine Roy

For 25 years, I have worked with textiles in a non-traditional way. I was drawn to fabrics early through a traditional upbringing when all young girls learned to sew. For many years I learned a number of techniques, both hand and machine, and this long exploration eventually lead to my present work: a mixture of machine sewing, collage, embroidery and quilting. With this multi-step technique I integrate thousands of bits of fabric and threads with fine transparent tulle and machine stitching.
Born and raised in rural Southwestern Ontario, I developed an early appreciation for the land and its natural beauty. My formal education in Horticulture and subsequent research are ongoing inspirations. In my imagery I enjoy combining high representation with traditional and personal symbolism, and trees are a recurring motif.
Contact me for site-specific commissioned works for private and public spaces. Represented in Toronto at The Guild Shop in Yorkville.