Lubna Mousa

Born and raised in Baghdad amidst sociopolitical instability, art has been her release for as long as she can remember. It has allowed her to vent out on the surrounding hardships, and gave her hope.

Moreover, her architectural background also serves as an artistic influence by further enriching her artworks’ composition with grids and geometrical shapes. Another influence stems out from the work she did with the United Nations and Non-governmental Organizations.

In her creativity, Lubna aims for transparency and simplicity through layers of thoughts and ideas, in her words ‘providing a second life and recognize beauty in the simple items around me. I would also like to entice the amusement and curiosity of the viewer when thinking of the original use of these materials in their “first life”. Documenting the places I have been and my experiences within them e.g. train tickets, cards, bills and others

Her artworks has found in countries all over the world