Marilyn Walsh

Sculpture: I create figurative sculptures cast in bronze or ciment fondue, carved in densite and in fired ceramic. In some of my work the body displays strength and wholeness, a purity of form. I aim to seize a dynamic movement, and expressive emotion - a moment that may never exist again.
In other pieces, I look to the myths around the world to represent more than our physical reality. I aim to convey an uplifting interconnection between humans, nature, spirit and reality.
In my Dance Series, I wanted to cross the boundaries of sculpture and painting. I initiated this series to express the joy of movement. The dancer starts from a wire armature dipped then carved in plaster then mounted on an oil painting.
My hand pulled prints cover a range of techniques: etching, mezzotint, embossing and lithography. I use embroidery to create emphasis and energy.
I love being able to create something out of nothing and to bring images to life