Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson's art is a drawing out of connections seen with the mind's eye. Creating art, he shares his thoughts and visions filtered through eyes marked by a condition known as Antimetropia – where one eye is nearsighted and the other farsighted. This physical trait allows Mark to see images that are out of conscious awareness for most people. These images drive his curiosity to understand what he sees and where things begin and end. To discover and tell a whole story.
Born in 1957 in Toronto and raised in Brantford, Ontario, Mark spent 2 years at York University before starting a family and working for 25 years in the print industry. His children grew older, and after a decades long break he picked up his pens and pencils. Now with a new partner and having entered the art community of Toronto he fully pursues his creative vision using his unique eye and sense of wonder and whimsy. He loves to follow the unexpected journeys his art can take him on. Sometimes he just has fun.