Mena Nunes

Mena Nunes finds it particularly enjoyable when artwork conveys an emotional response from the viewer. Her short animated films, paintings or drawings aim to engage the audience to think of an idea, a feeling, or the unlimited possibilities that we as individuals or as a society have. She is presently working on developing her own style in both traditional and digital media, and searching for her voice in her artwork.
Mena paintings have been in shown in Toronto and Mississauga. Her two short animated films “Shadows on the Wall” and “Dare to Dream” have been to Festivals in Canada and US. “Shadows on the Wall” was nominated for Best First Animated Short at the Animazing Spotlight Festival.
Mena has a BA from UofLisbon, a MSc.Pla from UofToronto, and a BAA in Animation with Honours from Sheridan College. Presently, she is the sole proprietor of MAAD Productions, a member of Visual Arts Mississauga, Raindance Canada, TIFF, LIFT and an organizing member of Figurative Expressions.