Micheal Zarowsky

Micheal Zarowsky
website: www.zarowsky.net
Cdn painter, fervent adlibber
Mixed media works / Acrylics / Watercolours / Pastels
Hons. B.A. philosophy / psychology,
York U, Toronto, 76.
Member C.S.P.W.C.
Assoc. Member of The American Watercolor Society
Summarizing statement; “I find light irresistible.”

Zarowsky's paintings of a highly appealing blend of impressionism
& realism use an uncanny ability to isolate essence of
a landscape, illuminate the small part of the whole, which then
becomes the very symbol of that which it represents. That is
what abstraction is all about; the genius of Zarowsky is he
presents effect of abstraction while actually painting in a
realistic way some isolated element that signifies with utmost
economy, the wider scene.