nancy joy wilson

Nancy Joy Wilson, BID, BFA

Born and raised in the Niagara peninsula surrounded by farmland, I have always felt a deep connection with the life-giving qualities of the land. It is this personal relationship to the countryside that I want to capture and express.
With the rural landscape as my refuge and inspiration, my goal is to convey its life force, its inner beauty. I primarily use colour as a tool to capture the life, the light and the emotion of the place. The energetic brush strokes are used to express the living, breathing aspect of the land and the relationship of the contemporary viewer to the natural environment.
Since graduating with my BFA from the OCAD University in 2005, I have been exhibiting my expressionistic landscapes in Canvas Gallery, Praxis Gallery on Queen Street West, In2Art in Oakville, and as a member of RedEye Studio Gallery, in the historic Distillery District in Toronto.