Nehal Patel- ARTabstraction

Nehal Patel is an Abstract artist born in an Indian culture and heritage. She is a strong personality with a deep sense of ethics, currently living in Toronto, Canada.
She earned her bachelor's degree in science and works with the food safety team for one of the best North American brand. Above an beyond all success she had in her professional career, she believes there is something more that her life has to offer.

A self taught, energetic and an emerging artist learned that visual art is a form of expressing feelings. It is a state of mind where she experiments with the colors, applying her knowledge of science in color therapy. Her imagination portrays best piece of artwork.

The artist paints abstract modern style using acrylic medium, her art is free of boundaries and enhances deepest sense of positivism. The colors describe feelings and she chooses certain colors in her art that attracts thoughts which perpetuates into life.

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