Nicole Daniah Sidonie

I am a Toronto artist whose inspirations are inseparably linked to the human figure. It has been an integral part of my professional life from my time as a trainer and as a dancer/choreographer. Prior to this I photographed people and developed an insatiable appetite for it in the years that followed my career in dance. Not long after I exchanged my camera for paint brushes and now I paint imagined people and, on occasion, real ones too.
The subjects I choose to paint exist in me in some form of ambiguous or repressed emotion or from a place of empathy or familiarity. Through them I gain valuable insight into myself —a kind of resolution about a particular experience or an unresolved emotion. I have learned to place trust in this approach and believe in my motivation. I record a moment, a feeling and leave room for the viewer to experience and inhabit the painting where they can interpret the nature of things, the mood, character or circumstance of the subject.