Nicole Daniah Sidonie

I am a Canadian artist based in Toronto, Ontario. My tools are oils and acrylics, palette knives and brushes, the indispensable paper towel and a curiosity to explore and distill what is perceived and felt.
A figurative painter at heart, I have found the human figure in particular, with all its contained and expressed emotions, to be an endless source of inspiration. Although my training in the realist tradition has provided a good foundation for rendering this magnificent subject, I have grown far more interested in working from a place of feeling rather than one of academic reason or logic. I am after the kind of emotional thrust that is prominently felt in the earlier conceptual stages of my work. There is something authentic and raw that presents itself in the absence of detail. For me, this kind of painting never seems to retire. Rather, it ignites the imagination, inviting the viewer to create and recreate their own narrative.