Nikki ialongo

Nikki Ialongo is a driven, passionate and eclectic fine artist with a unique approach to her blend of visual arts. Nikki is a proficient canvas painter, but she also uses other textures such as wood, as well as mediums as diverse as oil, water colours, acrylic paint as well as other materials that bring a lively and tangible quality to her works.

Hailing from Scarborough, Ontario, Nikki set out to develop a unique approach to her craft, following her fondness for creative endeavours and performance arts, eventually becoming a graphic arts design student at the Humber College, an experience that allowed her to explore her full potential.

With the strong belief that "imperfections are what create new and beautiful", Nikki continues to share her art through gallery exhibits and showcases, as well as donating some of her works to charity and creating paintings on commission.