Oeno Gallery

Since 2004, Oeno Gallery has represented a growing number of exceptional Canadian contemporary painters such as Melissa Doherty, Otto Donald Rogers, and Alice Teichert, sculptors such as Susan Collett, Sophie Defrancesca, Shayne Dark and Edward Falkenberg, digital artists such as Franco Defrancesca and Etienne Labbe, and glass artists such as John Paul Robinson and Catherine Vamvakas Lay. From time to time, the Gallery also exhibits the work of important artists from the US and Mexico. Oeno Gallery also handles Canadian secondary market sales. The Gallery is home to a 4 acre sculpture garden, nestled between the Gallery and the vineyards at Huff Estates. Weekly art viewings in Ottawa and Toronto by appointment. The Gallery is located in Prince Edward County, Ontario, and is open 7 days a week, 10-6pm. Contact Info: 6133932216 info@oenogallery.com www.oenogallery.com For news, follow us on Twitter