Paul Brandejs

I am an abstract artist who works with acrylic, photography and found material on sculpted canvas.

My inspiration can come from anywhere. I have been intrigued by the moon and the night sky or the fluid motion of water. Or how the shadows fall to create intriguing shapes in the narrow streets of Florence. I look through the lens of a camera for the abstract in nature.

I blend the precision of photography with the unpredictability and fluidity of paint. By applying a variety of acrylic techniques to my photographic imagery I combine the best of each medium. By exploring my photographic imagery I isolate the abstract that exists in nature.

I view the shape and texture of the canvas as a catalyst to unlimited creativity. By combining multiple components into one cohesive piece I am able to explore yet another dimension to my art. I am fascinated and intrigued by how far I can push canvas from a traditional square or rectangle to a new art form.