Roberto Centazzo

Roberto Centazzo studied graphic arts in Italy and worked in the printing industry for years before trading his digital world for the ancient art of mosaic making. Recently Roberto returned to his home in northern Italy to attend the century-old mosaic school Scuola Mosaicisti di Spilimbergo, inspired to create the mosaics that had filled his imagination as a child. Roberto works in natural stone and marble. Playing with the texture and hues the stones provide, he cuts each tessera using the old traditional instruments: martellina e tagliolo. With his hammer and hardie, Roberto lets the stone be the colour and the canvas at the same time. The result is a mosaic that expresses a powerful organic feel and incredible dimension. Roberto's quest is to create mosaics that bridge this ancient art form with contemporary concepts. Grasping the ever-fleeting inspiration, he gives his ideas a life as timeless as the stone itself.