Ryan Raz

Photographer, Scientist, Inventor—Some Say Mad

Shore’s lifeless movie sets soaked in Eggleston’s frenzied dye-transfer palettes, semantics concealed by the slick pictorialism of alternative processing, compassionate yet objective precision striving to reconcile the existential void with the gritty, hard-working poetry of the street… This is the immediate visual surface of my work. It pleases, as it is meant to, upon the very first glance. But then, just when you are ready to move on to the next image, like the resonant finish of the best vintage claret, the life seething under the surface makes you stop and take notice: the nondescript, indifferent city street comes to life, inspired by the omnipresent, anonymous silhouettes of humans, of ourselves—rushing to work at dawn, catching a smoke after lunch, doggone tired on the way back home in the evening…

Reaching beyond documentary, I endeavour to distill the essence of reality into a timeless icon of the here-and-now.