Salah Khosravi

Salah Khosravi is a self-educated artist residing in Richmond Hill, Ontario. His passion for drawing, painting and photography began at his early teen.
He studied and learned drawing and painting on his own and has been working with different techniques such as pen, graphite pencil and oil. Although Salah is not a full time artist, primarily the result of work-related constraints, most of his art work is done utilizing oil, graphite pencil and pen given the convenience. With a self admitted obsession for photography, he photographs his subjects wherever and whenever the opportunity presents itself or prepares sketches with Adobe Photoshop.
Salah has tried to combine and use his knowledge in traditional and digital art to create new works of art.
Within the last few years he has begun to expand his focus more into painting, especially with oil, in hopes of more thoroughly expressing his talent and passion for realistic painting such as portraits and animals.