Sari Zon

Sari Zon is a Toronto abstract artist. Her work is an exploration of colour, texture and form using the encaustic medium. Her practice, by its nature, is measured and disciplined; each layer must be thoroughly fused to the layer beneath it to ensure that the paintings remain intact. The process is an involved one employing a varied collection of brushes, irons, heat-guns, heating pans, carving tools and scrapers. The foundation of Sari’s work is the paint-making process itself, beginning with the purchase of fresh beeswax from an Ontario honey farm. Painting with encaustic is a tactile, multi-sensory experience; a union of rich scents, warm, soft textures and smooth, glossy surfaces. It is the organic nature of this process that keeps Sari in a constant state of motion, and makes the journey just as compelling as the finished work. Sari’s work hangs in private and corporate collections across North America.